Railing Fencing in Kent Supplies & Installation

Railings are a versatile fencing type which feature strong vertical top and bottom bars with hooped or flat top designs. They are commonly used as a perimeter fence where minimum security is required and where the visual aspect takes priority.

Railings are a popular choice of fence for open public areas such as residential, gardens, parks and play areas. We currently supply a stunning range of railing fences which can either be mounted on top of a wall or floor and are manufactured directly from our workshop in Ashford, Kent.

We also can provide a full installation service in the Kent area, whether it’s for a business, school or contractor. Every fencing installation project we undertake is treated as unique and there is never a project too big or small. If you would like more information regarding our railing installation service please contact one of our friendly team on 01233 820240.

  • Tube Clamp Railings
    Our Quickclamp is a versatile, multi-purpose fencing system using malleable cast iron fittings.
  • Vertical Bar Railings
    Our Vertical Bar is a robust barrier fence and has the same style as the bow top but with vertical sections.
  • Bow Top Railings
    Bow top fencing is named after the hooped finish at the top of the fence and is commonly used as a perimeter fence.
  • Pedestrian Guardrail
    Designed to protect pedestrians at road junctions and crossings, our pedestrian guardrail is also ideal as perimeter fencing for running tracks and play areas.
  • Estate Railings
    Our Estate Fencing usually used for estate and country park railings, a modern reproduction of the traditional iron railings.

Where can Railings be used?

Railings can be used for a number of fencing applications, however they do tend to be more commonly used as a perimeter for areas where the visual aspect takes priority. This includes:

  • Playgrounds
  • Residential
  • Balconies
  • Cliff Tops
  • Sports & Recreational Areas, MUGA Pitches
  • School & Nursery Perimeters
  • Car Parks
  • Business Parks
  • Other open spaces!

Railings in a residential setting are mostly found in front gardens to mark an enclosure and the designs for these are often separated in to the following categories: Flat top, Spear, Ball Top and Bow Top.

Available in a variety of sizes and designs, metal railings can suit all perimeter requirements. They are made from metal (often iron or steel) which is durable, strong and long-lasting.

Railings in Kent

What are the benefits of using metal railings?

There are many advantages to using metal railing fences, here are a few:


Built using strong steel or iron, metal railings have a rigid design giving them maximum resilience.

Low Maintenance

Railing fencing is easy to maintain and most importantly, long lasting. Meaning you won’t have to replace them every year!


Large gaps in the design means people can still admire the view without much visual obstruction.

Weather Resistant

The metal used to make the railings is water resistant which reduces the change of damage due to bad weather conditions.

Looking for a quote on a metal railings or bow top fencing?

If you have any questions about any of our railing fencing products or would like to enquire about our installation service, then please do not hesitate in contacting us on 01233 820240, via email, or by submitting an online enquiry form. Our expert fencing team, based in Ashford Kent, will be happy to assist and advise on deciding the best solution for you.


We currently supply a range of railing, key clamp and bow fencing to both domestic and commercial projects across the Kent area; providing an array of bar sizes, heights and widths with an array of attractive galvanised finishes to suit all project requirements. Please feel free to browse through our range here: