Electric Fencing Supplier in Kent

Four Seasons Fencing are an electric fencing supplier in Kent, offering a wide range of electric fencing for contractors, as well as providing a professional installation service if required. Electric fencing has many uses, however its main purposes is to provide a secure and safe boundary for permanent or temporary enclosures, to keep predators out and livestock safely inside.

Electric Fencing Wire in Kent

Electrical Wire

Electrical wire is the most common type of electric fencing and is ideal for larger areas that need a protective enclosure.

Electric Fencing Netting in Kent

Electrical Netting

Due to its reel design, electrical netting is great for temporary installation with easy transportation and installation.

Electric Fencing Rope and Tape in Kent

Electrical Rope & Tape

Offering high conductivity with high breaking strains and long life, electrical rope & tape is a great long-term electric fencing solution.

Where can electric fencing be used?

The main use of electric fencing is to provide a safe and secure option of keeping livestock inside an enclosure, and predators out. Due to this, electric fencing can be used in a variety of areas and comes in a wide range of options and sizes for different types of animals:

  • Livestock Enclosures
  • Poultry housing
  • Equestrian
  • Cattle Housing
  • Vegetable Plots
  • Fish Ponds

With such variation on offer, some example uses for electric fencing are to offer protection for livestock by keeping predators out of agricultural land, for an effective and simple solution to stock control. Electrical netting in particular can be used as temporary fencing due to ease of erecting and taking down. Then on a more permanent basis, electric fencing wire is screwed into posts.

Electric Fencing in Kent

What are the benefits of electric fencing?

Electric fencing has a wide range of uses and is why it’s one of the most popular choices of security fencing.


Due to its simple design, electric fencing offers an extremely versatile fencing option for any perimeter.

Safe & Secure

Whether keeping livestock inside a perimeter, or predators out, electric fencing offers great security.

Cost Effective

Due to the simplicity of electric fencing, it is also one of the cheapest fencing options available.

Easy to Install

With both netting or wire options available, electric fencing is extremely quick and easy to install.

Looking for a quote on electric fencing?

With such a range of benefits and offering an extremely cost effective security solution, many individuals and businesses choose electric fencing as their preferred choice. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions or would like a quote.


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