Security Fence Toppings

We offer a range of security fence toppers for both commercial and domestic fencing projects in the Kent area. Security Fence Toppings can be added to your fence to suit an array of requirements, whether it be to increase security, add height to an existing fence for privacy or to help act as a deterrent against intruders. Our wide range of security fence toppers come in a range of patterns and sizes and are constructed to a high standard by hand in our workshop in Ashford, Kent.

There are a number of different styles available including concertina razor wire, anti climb barrier and flat wrap razor wires which all offer a strong security perimeter solution.

Where can security fence topping be used?

Security Toppings are designed to give extra privacy to your land or garden by adding height to your fencing structure. They come in an array of designs to suit any requirements whether it be to add extra privacy to a domestic garden or to simply add security to a business premises. Fence toppers can be used for a number of fencing applications such as:

  • Play Areas
  • Schools
  • Prisons
  • Domestic Gardens
  • Commercial Premises
  • Railway Infrastructures
  • Utility Compounds
  • Sports/recreational Areas

For high security requirements the barbed wire fence toppers are recommended as these are fixed firmly to the top and are designed to be a good deterrent against intruders.

Benefits of Security Fence Toppings

There are a number of benefits to fence toppers which include:

Additional Privacy

Depending on the type of security fence topper, they can provide a great source of additional privacy from prying eyes.

Intruder Deterrent

The main benefit is of course the visual deterrent of fence toppers, usually featuring some type of large sharp design to scare away intruders.

Higher Security

Just having generic security fencing isn’t always enough, having the addition of security fence toppings give a much higher level of security.

Unwanted Animals

Depending on what your place of work may be, fence toppings can also really help against unwanted animals finding their way inside.

Looking for a quote on Security Fence Topping?

We offer a variety of fence toppers which give added security to a range of fencing types including spiked fence toppings, razor wire and anti climb guards. If you have any further questions or would like to speak to an advisor then please contact us on 01233 820240 or visit us in our workshop in Ashford, Kent.


We don’t just supply security fence toppings, we also provide a wide selection of fencing that we supply to commercial projects in the Kent which includes Steel Palisade, Railway Fencing, Environmental Fencing, Hoardings & Site Fencing, Railings & Bowtop, Timber & Stock Fencing, Gates & Access Control, Crash Barriers, Bollards and more.