DuraPost Supplier in Kent

Durapost fencing has an innovative design which makes it lightweight, durable and an easy-to-install base for a number of fencing applications. It is made from a strong galvanised steel which is 80% lighter than concrete and has a guarantee to last for at least 25 years, a solid choice if you’re looking for longevity.

There are a number of components available to purchase which include the Classic DuraPost®, Slimline DuraPost®, DuraPost® Capping Rail and DuraPost® Gate/Corner Post all in which are manufactured here in the UK. They are compatible with most fencing types and have been rigorously tested to withstand winds of up to 110mph.

Classic Durapost in Kent

Classic DuraPost®

The Classic Durapost design includes a 48mm channel which is ideal for use with composite gravel boards. It is available in a range of colours which include: Sepia Brown, Anthracite Grey, Olive Grey, and Galvanised Steel.

Slimline DuraPost in Kent

Slimline DuraPost®

The Slimline Durapost is available in a range of colours and features a more slimline design which is stronger, lighter and faster to install than ever before. It’s profile is 52mm x 20mm and is available in a range of different size lengths.

DuraPost Capping Rail in Kent

DuraPost® Capping Rail

The capping rail is made from strong aluminium and is used to protect the top of your fence from harsh weather conditions. It is available in a range of colours such as Olive Grey, Sepia Brown and Anthracite Grey.

DuraPost® Corner Post

The Durapost Gate/Corner Posts are have a revolutionary design which makes them strong, lightweight and weather resistant. They come in a range of sizes and are easy to install to any fence corner or gate.

Where can DuraPost Fencing be used?

DuraPost fencing has been designed by industry-leading experts to provide homeowners with a stylish and practical fencing solution. Not only do these posts boast sturdy protection for fence panels, but they can be installed in approximately half the time. These versatile posts aren’t limited for use only with pre-assembled fence panels, they are suitable for onsite projects such as closeboard and hit and miss fencing, making them a good choice for contracting projects.

These posts are extremely versatile and can be used for a number of applications which include:

  • Domestic Gardens
  • Commercial Gardens
  • Site Hoarding
  • Contracting Projects
  • Schools
  • Businesses
  • Play Areas

Our range of DuraPosts can be purchased directly online or via our shop in Ashford, Kent. We can also provide a full DuraPost installation service where our professional team can fit the system for you, saving you time and ensuring a secure, quality system. If this sounds of interest please feel free to contact one of our team on 01233 820240.

What are the benefits of DuraPost fencing?

There are numerous benefits to using DuraPost over standard fencing:

Long Lasting

Made from galvanised steel which strong and hardwearing.


80% Lighter than concrete posts for ease of installing


Durapost is compatible with most fencing types

Weather Resistant

Rigorously tested to withstand winds of up to 110mph

Looking for a quote on DuraPost fencing?

There are may benefits to using the Durapost fencing system, however to truly see their worth we recommend that you see the products in person at our shop in Ashford, Kent. Here we can give advice regarding the sizing and fitting of the Durapost as well as checking to see if they are compatible with your fencing type.


Please feel free to browse through our range of Durapost components, all in which are available in a range of sizes and designs to suit all fencing requirements. If you would like any help with any of the products listed here then please feel free to get in touch with on elf our friendly team on 01233 820240.