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We offer professional acoustic fencing installation in Kent for a range of sectors including highways, railway, industrial, commercial and residential. Acoustic fencing is designed to specifically for noise reduction in areas that need to keep ambient and environmental noise pollution to a minimum. Acoustic fencing is able to keep environmental noise in or out of a specific area. Depending on which type of noise reduction you require, we offer two types of acoustic fencing, reflective and absorptive.

Each type of acoustic fencing is designed for a specific type of noise reduction and we will assess which type of fencing your premises require upon carrying out an initial site visit or discussing your requirements over the phone.

The difference between reflective and absorptive fencing

Reflective acoustic fencing is designed to bounce sound off of the panels (concrete, wood or metal) and prevent any noise from entering the area that is on the reverse side of that fence. For example adjacent reflective fencing is usually used on highways so that the sounds of automobiles simply reflects back into the highway area, reducing the noise to surrounding areas behind either sides of fencing. The two sides of reflective fencing simply bounce the noise back and forth between them, locking the noise inside of the area between the two sides of fencing.

Absorptive acoustic fencing on the other hand is designed to completely absorb any sound that hits it, completely deadening any environmental noise and not allowing it to travel any further. This type of fencing is traditionally used on commercial/industrial sites, for example, where they may have loud machinery that they don’t want to impact surrounding areas and equally don’t what that noise to reflect back to their area of work. So by installing absorptive fencing panels the noise is simply deadened upon impact with the fencing and doesn’t bother either side of the fence.

Acoustic Fencing Installation in Kent

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Our Range of Acoustic Fencing

We offer a variety of acoustic fencing that is fit for purpose. All of our acoustic fencing is formed of two categories, reflective and absorptive. Each type can be amended as required in regards to specific heights and using different support post types such as timber or galvanised steel. Depdngin on height, these support posts are typically constructed using Galvanised RSJ posts, base-plated or dug in and set in concrete foundations.

Both our reflective and acoustic fencing is compliant with the Highways Sector Scheme 2C for the prefabrication of Environmental Barriers.

Benefits of Acoustic Fencing

If you are thinking about having acoustic fencing installed then there are numerous benefits from having this type of noise-reducing fencing on your premises.

Noise Reduction

Whether reflective or absorptive, our acoustic fencing is designed specifically to reduce noise in areas where noise is an issue.


All of our acoustic fencing is made from tantalised timber in order to achieve a 30 year service life.


As well as the fencing panels themselves being made from strong timber, our posts are constructed from timber or galvanised RSJ.

Low Maintenance

As well as having a service life of 30 years, our acoustic fencing is manufactured to be easy to maintain and remain in working condition.

Acoustic Fencing Installation Accreditations

All of our installers at Four Seasons Fencing have undergone rigorous training to ensure only the most professional acoustic fencing installation for you and your business. Below are a range of accreditations that every member of our installation staff possess to ensure we only provide the most professional service.


We have installed acoustic fencing in Kent for a range of clients including highways, railways, industrial estates and residential areas. We pride ourselves on our continued work with a range of valued clients.

Recent Projects

As well as installing acoustic fencing we also supply and install a wide range of fencing and gates for numerous clients and projects. Here are some of our most recent installation projects.

What Our Customers Say

I would recommend Four Seasons Fencing Ltd to anyone seeking a quality product, top notch finish coupled with a “can do” and professional approach from sales through to delivery. Four Seasons Fencing Ltd have undertaken several projects (with a wide range of different types of fencing) for me over the years and I have never had any complaints or issues from chain-link to security mesh of all types / size and heights including anti climb to acoustic and picket fencing including gates. There have been instances where I have needed that little extra help with design issues for example and they have been more than willing to assist, also I have approached Four Seasons Fencing Ltd with just dimensions and they draw up and fabricate to suit my needs. Installation staff are second to none and you can see that a great deal of pride is taken in their work even to the final stages of clearing up as work progresses / is completed.

Thanks to all at Four Seasons Fencing Ltd and keep up the good work on current and future projects.

Steve Lee , Keltbray Rail

I would like to thank Four Seasons and especially Graeme Allison for the fantastic job that they carried out at Valley park School Maidstone. The project brief was changed on numerous occasions and additional work added that Graeme and his team absorbed and they managed to deliver a product that was first class. From the office to the operatives on the ground nothing the work was carried out with the minimum of fuss and the communication was excellent. The work involved close co-operation with the school and in a sensitive environment. All in all a very good company and one that we will look to use again in the near future

Michael Withers MCIOB - Contract Manager, Jenner Contractors Ltd

Four Seasons Fencing provided an excellent service to our project at Clapham Junction Station. Their works were completed on time, within budget and to a high quality standard. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Brian Fahey - Project Manager, BCM Construction

The standard of workmanship on the fencing and gates is extremely good, and I must say, Four Seasons have been a pleasure to deal with and manage, as they’ve done everything I’ve asked of them and more to date. It’s been a real pleasure for me, overseeing and watching a first class project coming to fruition…well done!

Julian Brunsdon, Griffin and Brand


If you would like to know more information about our noise reduction fencing installation then please get in touch using any of the methods listed below and a member of our team will be glad to help.

Once we have discussed your requirements we’ll then be able to send a member of staff to your site to have a more in-depth look at your project’s requirements and then give an exact quote for the installation.

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