Project Description

Client: Dreamland
Location: Margate

Scope of works

Supply and install 2no. small runs of 1.1m High key clamp hand rail in galvanised to the above site. Key clamp will be either side of the concrete step starting at the top step and finishing at the bottom step. Installation will be as per below image but will include a middle post for strength. All posts bolted down to either side of the existing concrete steps using chemical resin anchors.

Key clamp

Material required

8 X 1.1 high 1.1m high 48mm key klamp tube for posts (take from the yard)

48mm key klamp tube for handrail (take from the yard)

2 X 48mm bolt down shoes and fittings delivered by Brundles

2 X Through rail post tops to take handrail

Anchor fixings and resin

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