Railway Fencing Solutions in Surrey

Catering specifically to Railway Main Contractors in Surrey, our specialisation lies in delivering professional fencing installation services tailored to the unique needs of Surrey’s railway environments. We provide an all encompassing ‘supply and installation’ approach, utilising fencing systems approved for railway use.

Understanding the distinct requirements of each railway setting, we possess the capability to fabricate bespoke fencing systems at our dedicated facility. Our expertise extends to crafting customised pedestrian guardrails, drivers’ screens, platform extension fencing, mesh litter screens, and much more – ensuring optimal functionality and safety.

Focused primarily on railway fencing installation across Surrey, encompassing Greater London and Southern regions, we extend our services to all railway contractors. Our team comprises skilled operatives holding current PTS (Sentinel Cards) certification, while our company maintains accreditation under the RISQS (Railway Industry Supplier Qualifications Scheme), ensuring professionalism and safety in our railway line works. To enquire about a railway fencing project or request further information then please contact us here or call directly on 01233 820240.

Fencing Installation for Railways in Surrey

Fencing for Railways in Surrey

Our services encompass comprehensive railway fencing installation solutions tailored to Surrey’s railway infrastructure, including new installations, replacements, performance enhancements, and ongoing maintenance.

How We Work

We follow a structured approach to every railway fencing installation project, ensuring professionalism and efficiency throughout the process. Our RISQS-certified installers adhere strictly to railway project procedures, health & safety regulations, and management protocols. Additionally, our operatives hold PTS (Personal Track Safety) certification, demonstrating their knowledge of regulations and commitment to safety standards.

PTS Personal Track Safety

Site Survey

Our site survey process involves an experienced professional being sent to your premises to assess every aspect of the project scope, considering factors such as terrain, existing infrastructure, and specific client requirements. Through detailed discussions with stakeholders, including railway authorities and project managers, we gather crucial insights to inform our approach. This thorough evaluation allows us to offer tailored solutions that meet both functional and regulatory needs. Based on this assessment, we meticulously craft a detailed quote and proposal, ensuring transparency and accuracy in estimating costs and timelines.

Site Survey for Railway Fencing

Works Package Plan (WPP)

Upon acceptance of our proposal, we initiate the development of a comprehensive Works Package Plan (WPP) customised for each railway fencing project. This plan serves as a roadmap, outlining project details, methodologies, and risk assessments in meticulous detail. Our team collaborates closely with clients and relevant stakeholders to ensure alignment with project objectives and regulatory requirements. The WPP encompasses various elements, including site logistics, material procurement strategies, work schedules, and contingency plans. By integrating health and safety considerations into every aspect of the plan, we prioritise the well-being of our personnel and stakeholders. Through proactive risk management and clear communication channels established within the WPP, we foster transparency and accountability throughout the project lifecycle, facilitating smooth execution and timely completion.

Works Package Plan for Railway Fencing

Project Installation

Once the Works Package Plan receives approval, we transition seamlessly into the project installation phase, leveraging our expertise and resources to execute the plan efficiently. Our experienced teams deploy state-of-the-art equipment and adhere to industry best practices to set up the required fencing and access points with precision. We pride ourselves on efficiency without compromising on quality, ensuring that every installation meets or exceeds the established standards. Throughout the installation process, we maintain open lines of communication with railway representatives, facilitating collaboration and addressing any emerging issues promptly. Upon completion, a comprehensive inspection is conducted to verify compliance with regulatory requirements and project specifications.

Project Installation for Railway Fencing

Fencing and Access for Railways in Essex

Our offerings include a diverse range of fencing and access solutions tailored to Surrey’s railway needs, including lineside fencing, security barriers, access gates, platform fencing, armco safety barriers, and keyclamp fencing.

Who We Work With

With years of experience in Surrey’s railway sector, we have built strong partnerships with reputable railway contracting firms across Surrey, the South East, and Greater London.

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To discuss your railway fencing project and request a quote, please feel free to reach out using the contact details provided below, and our team will be happy to assist you.

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