Ecological Fencing Installers in Kent

Four Seasons Fencing offer professional ecological fencing installation in Kent for sites needing to exclude, contain or guide amphibians, newts and reptiles. Ecological Fencing comes in a variety of materials and can be used for a range of purposes including:

  • Exclude amphibians, newts and reptiles away from construction sites and working zones
  • Contain amphibians, newts and reptiles within a specific are on nature reserves or receptor sites etc
  • Guide amphibians, newts and reptiles to a specific area such as underpasses or gates etc

So no matter what size and requirements your site may have, our expert team will be able to offer innovative solutions for your ecological fencing needs.

Our range of ecological newt fencing works as a barrier designed to control amphibians, newts and reptiles whether it’s to contain, exclude or guide them to a specific area. This fencing consists of a low plastic sheet fence that is buried deep into the ground and held in place by either wooden or plastic posts.

Ecological Fencing Installation in Kent

In need of ecological fencing installation in Kent?

How We Work

No two ecological fencing installation projects are the same, however the way in which we operate always falls into three main stages which include the following steps.

Assessment of Habitat

Upon discussing your initial requirements we will always then perform a site check to asses the habitat. Here we will be monitoring land terrain, habitats like hedgerows, scrubs woodland and grassland and also whether there is water nearby. Although newts mostly live on land, they tend to prefer a habitat that is within 200 – 500 meters of a pond for reproduction purposes.

Planning Stage

Once the habitat has been assessed we are then able to plan exactly how we would install your ecological fencing. This will involve a detailed environmental impact assessment alongside an ecological survey. This stage allows us to identify whether impact will be made on the local population of newts and whether there may potentially be any loss of habitat.

Ecological Fencing Installation

Our Newt Fencing construction consists of a buried plastic membrane that is approximately 100mm into the ground, supported by either wooden or plastic stakes measuring at approx 37×37 or 50x50mm in length. The stakes are then spaced out 1500mm apart and are sometimes tantalised depending upon the duration of time you need the fencing to stay in the ground.

Types of Ecological Fencing

There are three main categories of newt fencing including permanent, semi-permanent and temporary. This type of fencing is widely used installed throughout the UK for tree planting, landscaping and construction due to its exceptional tear resistance and strength to exposed areas.

Our Fencing Installation Accreditations

Our specialist team of ecological fencing installers are fully-accredited to provide you with the most professional service. Many people forget that there is actually newt fencing legislation, listing the Great Crested Newt as a ‘strictly protected species’. This legislation make it an offence to intentionally kill, injure or disturb this the great newt and its habitat. We always work within these regulations and is one of the many reasons you should always hire a professional for your ecological fencing installation.

Who We’ve Worked With

We are proud to say that we have worked with many companies and individuals over the years, installing an array of fencing types for a range of purposes.

Recent Projects

Here are some of our most recent fencing installation projects for a range of individuals and companies across the Kent County.

What Our Customers Say

I would recommend Four Seasons Fencing Ltd to anyone seeking a quality product, top notch finish coupled with a “can do” and professional approach from sales through to delivery. Four Seasons Fencing Ltd have undertaken several projects (with a wide range of different types of fencing) for me over the years and I have never had any complaints or issues from chain-link to security mesh of all types / size and heights including anti climb to acoustic and picket fencing including gates. There have been instances where I have needed that little extra help with design issues for example and they have been more than willing to assist, also I have approached Four Seasons Fencing Ltd with just dimensions and they draw up and fabricate to suit my needs. Installation staff are second to none and you can see that a great deal of pride is taken in their work even to the final stages of clearing up as work progresses / is completed.

Thanks to all at Four Seasons Fencing Ltd and keep up the good work on current and future projects.

Steve Lee , Keltbray Rail

I would like to thank Four Seasons and especially Graeme Allison for the fantastic job that they carried out at Valley park School Maidstone. The project brief was changed on numerous occasions and additional work added that Graeme and his team absorbed and they managed to deliver a product that was first class. From the office to the operatives on the ground nothing the work was carried out with the minimum of fuss and the communication was excellent. The work involved close co-operation with the school and in a sensitive environment. All in all a very good company and one that we will look to use again in the near future

Michael Withers MCIOB - Contract Manager, Jenner Contractors Ltd

Four Seasons Fencing provided an excellent service to our project at Clapham Junction Station. Their works were completed on time, within budget and to a high quality standard. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Brian Fahey - Project Manager, BCM Construction

The standard of workmanship on the fencing and gates is extremely good, and I must say, Four Seasons have been a pleasure to deal with and manage, as they’ve done everything I’ve asked of them and more to date. It’s been a real pleasure for me, overseeing and watching a first class project coming to fruition…well done!

Julian Brunsdon, Griffin and Brand


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