Absorptive Acoustic Fencing

The Absorptive Acoustic Screen we offer can be designed to suit the sites specific requirements and conforms to BS EN 1793, 1794-1 and 1794-2. The system complies with Highways Sector Scheme 2C for the prefabrication of Environmental Barriers.

Can be offered with timber cladding to one face and absorptive material to the other face or alternatively absorptive material to both faces.

Normally constructed using Galvanised RSJ posts, base-plated or dug in and set in concrete foundations.

Product Specifications

  • Height: variable depending on site & location requirements but available up to 6.0m
  • Posts normally set at 3.0m centres
  • Posts normally RSJ or lower height systems can be installed using timber posts
  • All timber tantalised to achieve a 30 year service life

Other Environmental Fencing Solutions

  • Reflective Acoustic Fencing
    For the purposes of sound and noise reduction our acoustic barrier fence has been successfully used on highways, railways and industrial areas.
  • Permanent Newt Fencing
    Our permanent newt fencing uses a recycled HDPE material which is stabilised against ultraviolet damage for up to 15 years.
  • Temporary Newt Fencing
    Our temporary reptile fencing is constructed from polythene which has been stabilised against ultraviolet for 2 years this system is low cost and should be supported on tanailsed timber stakes placed at approximately 1.0m intervals.
  • Absorptive Acoustic Fencing
    Our Absorptive Acoustic Screen can be designed to suit specific requirements and conforms to BS EN 1793, BS EN 1794-1 and BS EN 1794-2.

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