Rotating Anti-Climb

Our product incorporates split aluminium spurs assembled around a central fixed axis to present a freely rotating anti-scale obstacle. Used in areas where vandalism or forced entry is a serious threat, our system protects whilst maintaining a uniform, neat appearance. Our system is safe, is approved by local authorities and maintains a visual, physical and physiological barrier. Manufactured from a high tensile aluminium alloy, our system is lightweight (4kg/linear metre), allowing it to be installed in a large range of situations. Al aluminium alloy is highly resistant to corrosion meaning the bright finish will last for the lifetime of the product.

We would advise that the following points be adhered to when installing any type of anti-climb security topping:

  • Never install wire or rotating barrier at less than 2.4m above ground level.
  • Ensure that the system can be seen by any person approaching by locating in a prominent position such as above a fence, wall or roof.
  • Display warning signs at regular intervals.
  • Ensure the area is well lit and signs are visible at night.
  • By adopting the above approach, clients should avoid all possibility of legal action in the event of personal injury. It is the responsibility of the client at all times to ensure that the use of any anti-climb security fence or wall topping does not infringe criminal or civil law. Four Seasons Fencing Ltd cannot accept any liability in the event of any such infringement.

Other Security Fencing Solutions

Available in 3 formats:

Razor Barb – Single Strand
Code Height Extended Length
ACR SS2 Single Strand 200m

Razor Barb – Flat Wrap Coil
Code Height Extended Length
ACR F50 500mm 12.5m
ACR F70 700mm 15.0m
ACR F90 900mm 15.0m

Razor Barb – Concertina Coil
Code Height Extended Length
ACR C45 450mm 8-10m
ACR C73 730mm 10-12.5m
ACR C98 980mm 10-12.5m

Warning: We are advised that normal and proper use of this product does not constitute an offence.

So far as civil liability is concerned, property owners are entitled to take reasonable steps to protect their assets – providing they do not set out to contrive a hidden trap for such purpose

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