Flat Wrap Razor

Flat Wrap Razor Wire is a flat wrap coiled system which sits vertically above the fencing. Neater in appearance than the concertina system it is normally used when protrusion outside the fenceline is not permitted. An excellent deterrent it can be installed along with the original installation or easily added to any existing fence. Predominantly used in commercial applications such as commercial yards, electric sub-stations, utility compounds and ports and prisons.

Product Specifications

  • 500mm Diameter Coils
  • Coils roll out to form a 10 metre stretch

Finish: All wire galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461.

We would advise that the following points be adhered to when installing any type of razor wire security topping:

  • Never install razor wire at less than 2.1m above ground level.
  • Ensure that the system can be seen by any person approaching by locating in a prominent position such as above a fence, wall or roof.
  • Display warning signs at regular intervals.
  • Ensure the area is well lit and signs are visible at night.
  • By adopting the above approach, clients should avoid all possibility of legal action in the event of personal injury. It is the responsibility of the client at all times to ensure that the use of any anti-climb security fence or wall topping does not infringe criminal or civil law. Four Seasons Fencing Ltd cannot accept any liability in the event of any such infringement.

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