Tube Clamp Railings

Our Tube Clamp system is a versatile, multi-purpose railing system which connects malleable cast iron fittings and tube to form all types of handrail, railings and structures.

The flexibility of our system allows complex structures to be assembled in a quick and efficient manner. Whilst used primarily to construct safety handrail and ballustrades, Tube Clamp also has many other uses such as providing support structure for canopies, carports and can provide framework for chainlink, mesh or ball stop fencing.

All our fittings and tube are hot dipped galvanised providing long lasting resistance to corrosion. Tube Clamp tubing and fittings are available in 4 sizes. See specifications.

Product Specifications

Tubing is available in 3.0m or 6.5m lengths

  • Size A
    Tube OD-mm – 26.9mm
    Nominal Bore-mm – 20mm
  • Size B
    Tube OD-mm – 33.7mm
    Nominal Bore-mm – 25mm
  • Size C
    Tube OD-mm – 42.4mm
    Nominal Bore-mm – 32mm
  • Size D
    Tube OD-mm – 48.3mm
    Nominal Bore-mm – 40mm

Other Railings and Bowtop Solutions

  • Tube Clamp Railings
    Our Quickclamp is a versatile, multi-purpose fencing system using malleable cast iron fittings.
  • Vertical Bar Railings
    Our Vertical Bar is a robust barrier fence and has the same style as the bow top but with vertical sections.
  • Bow Top Railings
    Bow top fencing is named after the hooped finish at the top of the fence and is commonly used as a perimeter fence.
  • Pedestrian Guardrail
    Designed to protect pedestrians at road junctions and crossings, our pedestrian guardrail is also ideal as perimeter fencing for running tracks and play areas.
  • Estate Railings
    Our Estate Fencing usually used for estate and country park railings, a modern reproduction of the traditional iron railings.

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