Bow Top Railings

Bow Top Railing is named after the hooped finish at the top of the fence and is commonly used as a perimeter fence where minimum security is required and where the visual aspect takes priority. Hoop fencing, as it is sometimes referred to, is a popular choice of fence for open public areas and is commonly used around residential areas, gardens, parks and play areas. Bow Top is available in two configurations; standard bow top and also play area configuration. Play area has been specifically designed to comply with RoSPA guidelines and features a narrow anti-trap bow top.

Product Specifications

  • Available in overall fence heights of 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2100mm and 2400mm
  • Railing Pattern – 96mm gap between verticals; welded to upper and lower cross rails
  • Two Horizontal Rails, Panels typically 2750mm wide
  • Bowtop Tube Infill – 12mm dia. and 22mm dia. round bar depending on panel height

Finish – Hot dipped galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 and polyester powder coated

Other Railings and Bowtop Solutions

  • Tube Clamp Railings
    Our Quickclamp is a versatile, multi-purpose fencing system using malleable cast iron fittings.
  • Vertical Bar Railings
    Our Vertical Bar is a robust barrier fence and has the same style as the bow top but with vertical sections.
  • Bow Top Railings
    Bow top fencing is named after the hooped finish at the top of the fence and is commonly used as a perimeter fence.
  • Pedestrian Guardrail
    Designed to protect pedestrians at road junctions and crossings, our pedestrian guardrail is also ideal as perimeter fencing for running tracks and play areas.
  • Estate Railings
    Our Estate Fencing usually used for estate and country park railings, a modern reproduction of the traditional iron railings.

Why Choose Bow Top Fencing & Railings?

Our Sentinel Convex Bow top is a 2.762m wide panel. It consists of welded panels fabricated from pre-formed bow top hollow section 26mm dia. round vertical infill tubes with 96mm spacing between verticals. The panels are supported between square hollow section posts.

Bow toping railings are quick and easy to install unlike some other security and perimeter fencing and is both economical and durable. Contact us today to speak to the team – 01233 820240.

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