Square Sawn Timber Post & Rail

Our square sawn timber post and rail comes from FSC certified wood and is treated to class HC4 to achieve a 15 year service life.

Traditionally used along highway boundaries and equestrian paddocks, post and rail is now commonly used for garden boundaries, school internal divisions, car park segregation or to help with flow of traffic and people within commercial environments.

Posts can be driven with our tractor and postknocker or dug in and set in concrete foundations. Rails are nailed to the face of the posts with galvanised nails and span two fence bays to add strength.


Product Specifications

  • Posts: Generally 125 x 75 x 1800mm set at 1.83m centres. For Highway we use a 150 x 75mm section post. Posts can be pointed for knocking in or flat bottomed for setting in concrete foundations. Post tops can be flat top or back-weathered to help prevent water penetration.
  • Rails: 100 x 38 x 3660mm or 87 x 36 x 3660mm, nailed to post face and spanning two fence bays. Either two or three rail systems can be used depending on clients requirements.

Finish: All timber produced from FSC certified wood and timber tantalised to class HC4 to achieve a 15 year service life.

Other Timber Fencing Solutions

  • Reflective Noise Reduction Fencing
    For the purposes of sound and noise reduction our acoustic barrier fence has been successfully used on highways, railways and industrial areas.
  • Timber Site Hoarding
    Constructed to any height requirements our wooden site hoarding board fencing offers a permanent and secure screen for construction sites.
  • Closeboard Timber Fence
    Our closeboard fencing and gates are manufactured in our own workshop in Bethersden and we hold large stocks ready for 'supply and installation'.
  • Chestnut Paling
    Our Chestnut paling is a traditional and natural product which has been grown in Kent and East Sussex since medieval times.
  • Cleft Chestnut Post & Rail
    Our locally sourced chestnut timber is ideal for boundary fencing or stock fencing however is commonly used in may locations where a more rustic look is preferred.
  • Square Sawn Timber Post & Rail
    Our square sawn softwood timber post and rail can be used from motorway boundaries to equestrian paddocks.
  • Deer Netting Fencing
    Traditonally used for deer fencing and more recently used for low cost security fencing for solar farms.
  • Livestock Fencing
    Traditional livestock fencing used to retain livestock safely and securely.

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