Project Description

Client: Red Key Concepts
Location: Renault, Vauxhall Road, Canterbury

Scope of works

Palisade Dividing Fence

To supply and install approximately 63m of 2.4m high palisade security fencing to create a boundary at the above property. Fencing will be base plated and secured to existing concrete foundations using chemical resin anchors. All fencing as per below specification and subject to site survey

Posts                             100 x 55 x 6.72kg/m RSJ, 2.4m overall, base plated secured to concrete foundations at 2.75m post centres.
Pales                             2mm thick ‘W’ profile, 2.35m overall, 17 No. per panel with triple pointed tops.
Horizontals                 2 No. 50 x 50 x 6mm RSA c/w fish plates.
Rail Fixings                 M12 cup square bolts with permacone type nuts.
Pale Fixings                 M8 galvanised T-Head bolt with permacone nuts.
Finish                           Galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 after manufacture