Project Description

Client: BBS Construction
Duration: Start date: 10/04/2021 – Completion date: 10/04/2021

To supply and install 2No. Fully automated PF6000 Lux Rising Arm Barriers to entrance and exit locations of the site as per the provided drawing. One barrier will consist of a 6.3m wide opening to accommodate the entranceway. The exit barrier will comprise of a 4.8m wide opening.

Included within the price will be as follows;

• Installation externally of the roadway of 2No. Concrete bases for barriers and 2No. Bases for end rests.

• Installation of ducting for safety features of the barriers including trenching across the roadway to provide suitable connection points.

• Installation of 2No. Lux Rising Arm Barriers

• Installation of all required safety devices to Conform to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

• Full Commissioning Certification of the barriers.

• Included within the quoted price is a 12 month warranty, technical support and service agreement for the products provided within the quotation. This excludes any issues deemed to be misuse or vandalism.

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