Chainlink Railway Fencing

Chainlink has been traditionally used throughout the railway infrastructure and due to its low material cost, it is still the most common type of boundary fencing installed today.

Can be installed using concrete posts especially where repairs are required, or more recently the tendency has been to use galvanised SHS posts.

Where security is more of a concern the fence height can be raised by using cranked or vertically extended posts and by attaching 3 lines of plain or barbed wire.

Product Specifications

Railway specification chainlink comes in the following options:

  • 40 x 40 x 3mm in 1400mm & 1800mm high rolls – galvanised finished or galvanised with a green tint.
  • 40 x 40 x 3mm Super 70 in 1800mm high rolls manufactured from High Tensile wire – galvanised with a green tint.
  • All types can be installed with 3 line wires, barbed or plain, to raise the overall fence height.
  • Can be installed using concrete posts or galvanised SHS steel posts.

Other Railway Fencing Solutions

  • Railway Chainlink Fencing
    Chainlink fencing has been and still is today, the most commonly found boundary fence system used throughout the railway infrastructure.
  • Steel Palisade Fencing
    Where there is a need for greater perimiter security then steel palisade is still regarded as one of the most secure fence systems on the market today.
  • Railway Access Gates
    We manufacture in-house and install all types of pedestrian and vehicle access gates to comply with Railway requirements.
  • Bespoke Projects
    Palisade fencing fixed to an existing platform concrete structure.
  • Bespoke Pedestrian Guardrail
    Bespoke pedestrian guardrail, designed, engineered and installed by ourselves for the Wimbledon Line Enhancement works.

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