Automatic Gate Installation in London

We are a specialist in automatic and electric gate installation in London, offering a professional service for businesses and schools across the city. Our services include not only the installation of automated gates and access controls but also ongoing maintenance and necessary repairs. All our installations comply with strict government health and safety guidelines to ensure the highest standards.

Electric gates provide an excellent security and access solution for businesses and educational institutions. They allow for fully automated gates with additional access controls like intercoms, video systems, and timers, tailored to your needs.

Our dedicated team of professional installers is fully certified with CSCS, DBS, and CAMESAFE credentials, ensuring that all installations are performed safely and competently.

We offer a variety of electric gates and access controls in London, including:

  • Sliding & Swing Gates
  • Wooden & Metal Gates
  • Audio or Video Intercom Systems
  • Remote Control Access
  • Mobile Device Controls
  • Automatic Open/Close Timers
Electric Gate Installation in London

Looking to install an electric gate in London?

Our installation Services

Our automatic gate products

Swing Gates

Swing Gates

We offer comprehensive solutions for swing gates, suitable for new installations and retrofits. Our systems feature advanced external piston technology for easy installation without pre-settings. Our underground operators are designed to be nearly invisible, preserving the gate’s aesthetic appeal and ensuring unobstructed passage. Built with durability and security in mind, our swing gates are ideal for residential, commercial, and institutional properties. Customization options include a variety of materials and finishes, ensuring the gate complements your property’s architectural style. Our team works closely with you to meet your specific needs, providing reliable, secure, and visually appealing solutions.

Sliding Gates

Sliding Gates

Our sliding gate solutions are designed for high performance and reliability across various properties. Operating on 24 volts, our motors ensure continuous functionality even during power outages, enhancing security. Constructed from robust materials, our sliding gates withstand daily use and harsh weather conditions. They offer smooth and quiet operation, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Available in a range of designs, materials, and finishes, our gates complement your property’s style. Additional access control options, such as remote controls and keypads, provide flexible and secure management. Our sliding gates offer a perfect blend of security and visual appeal.

Video Entry System – Indoor Receivers

Our indoor receivers for video entry systems provide flexible and secure access control. Designed to cater to different dimensions and performance needs, they are available with touch screens, keys, or handheld options. These receivers offer intuitive access, ensuring easy communication between visitors and occupants. Built with high-quality materials, they ensure reliable performance and durability. The sleek, modern design complements any interior, enhancing both security and convenience. Our systems can manage multiple entry points from a single receiver, making them ideal for large residential or commercial properties. Security is further enhanced with clear audio and video feeds.

Video Entry Systems – Entry Panels

Our entry panels provide secure and intuitive communication between visitors and occupants. Designed for various contexts, they feature robust construction and can be managed remotely via apps. Offering both audio and video communication, they ensure clear interaction and reduce unauthorised access risks. Suitable for single homes to large residential compounds, our panels are versatile and reliable. Integration with access control systems such as keypads and biometric scanners provides enhanced security. The sleek design ensures they blend seamlessly with property aesthetics. Remote management capabilities add convenience, allowing occupants to control access from anywhere.

Pedestrian Access

Pedestrian Access

Our pedestrian access solutions ensure secure and efficient management of entry points. We offer full-height turnstiles, ideal for high-security areas like stadiums and industrial sites. These turnstiles prevent unauthorised access with their robust and tall construction. Designed for durability, they withstand heavy use and harsh conditions, providing reliable performance. Additional options include waist-high turnstiles and swing gates for areas needing lower security or easier access. Integration with access control systems like card readers and biometric scanners ensures tailored security solutions. Sleek and modern designs complement the property’s aesthetics, making them suitable for various applications.

Vehicle Access

Our vehicle access solutions provide secure control for entry and exit points. We offer automatic barriers, bollards, and road blockers for diverse settings. Automatic barriers streamline vehicle access in car parks and restricted areas, ensuring smooth traffic flow and preventing unauthorised entry. Our automatic bollards are ideal for urban settings, retracting for authorised vehicles and forming a barrier when raised. High-security bollards offer enhanced protection against vehicle-based threats in sensitive locations. Road blockers provide robust security for critical infrastructure, withstanding high impacts. All solutions integrate with access control systems, ensuring efficient and reliable operation.

Electric Gate Installation Process

We follow a streamlined 3-step method to ensure a quick and straightforward installation process for our clients.

1. Telephone Consultation & Site Survey

We begin with a phone consultation to discuss your initial requirements, followed by a site visit to gather detailed information and measurements. This helps us comply with legal health and safety standards and prepare an accurate quote.

2. Quotation and Tender

Based on the site survey, we provide a detailed quote with a clear timeline. During this phase, you can request changes or additional features like intercom systems or remote controls.

3. Electric Gate & Access Control Installation

Upon acceptance of our quote, we schedule a start date and begin the installation of your electric gate and access controls. We ensure your satisfaction with the installation and provide all necessary information for using your new system.

Upkeep and Maintenance Services

Gate Installer Accreditation

Our London-based professional gate installers hold various certifications to ensure high standards:

Safety & Compliance with Four Seasons Fencing

Safety and compliance are paramount in our electric gate installations, reflecting our commitment to protecting our clients and their properties. We strictly adhere to both UK and European safety standards, ensuring that every project meets the highest regulatory requirements. Our comprehensive approach begins with a detailed risk assessment for each installation, identifying potential hazards and implementing measures to mitigate them effectively.

Our product range, developed by CAME, a leader in automation technology, is designed with safety and compliance at its core. These products comply with stringent safety requirements, and each installation comes with a CE Declaration of Conformity, certifying that it meets all necessary safety standards. This declaration is an assurance of the quality and reliability of our installations, providing peace of mind to our clients.

Automated gates are classified as machines, which means they come with inherent risks such as crushing, shearing, impact, and conveying hazards. Our team of experts is extensively trained to recognise and address these risks, ensuring that each installation is both safe and compliant. We use advanced safety features such as pressure-sensitive edges, photocells, and emergency stop mechanisms to prevent accidents and ensure smooth operation.

In addition to the physical installation, we prioritise educating our clients about the safe operation and maintenance of their automated gates. Each project includes a comprehensive user manual and service book, detailing essential maintenance procedures and safety information. This documentation not only helps in the regular upkeep of the gates but also ensures that they continue to function safely and efficiently over time. The service book includes the CE Declaration of Conformity and maintenance records, which should be kept with the installation and passed on if the property is sold.

Moreover, our commitment to safety extends beyond installation. We offer ongoing maintenance services to keep your gates in optimal condition and compliant with all safety regulations. Regular maintenance checks help in early detection and resolution of any potential issues, thereby prolonging the lifespan of the gates and ensuring continuous safe operation.

By integrating rigorous safety protocols, high-quality products, and comprehensive client education, we ensure that our electric gate installations not only meet but exceed industry standards. Our holistic approach to safety and compliance underscores our dedication to delivering secure, reliable, and efficient access solutions for our clients.


As a premier installer in London, we have completed various projects for businesses and schools across the city. Here are some recent examples of our electric gate and access control installations.

Electric Gate Installations

We offer a number of other fencing and gate installation services, here is a collection of recent projects.


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