Project Description

Client: Jenner Contractors Ltd
Location: Stockdale Gardens, Deal

Scope of works

To supply and install approximately 99m and a 4no. single personnel gate to the development at the above site. The project is to be covered under 4no. separate visits as detailed below. All fencing as per below specification

Posts                             Concrete Slotted 3000 x 100 x 87mm

Gravel Boards             Concrete 1830 x 150 x 50mm

Timber Panels            Closeboard fully framed, 1830mm Wide x 1650mm High

Finish                           Green treated – painting or staining by others


To supply and install a softwood timber pressure treated, fully framed, ledged & braced 900mm wide x 1750mm high Closeboard gate; hung off/closing to concrete posts set in concrete foundations. Galvanised gate furniture to include the 2 No. 600mm ‘T’ hinges, 150mm Ring Latch and a Padlockable Slide-Bolt. 

Visit 1                           Marked up on drawing as ‘1’ two runs either side of path with 1no. concrete gravel board that Jenner will provide props to support grave
board at finished ground level due to contaminated ground being cleared. Panels and gate installed on visit 4

Visit 2                          Marked up on drawing as ‘2’ two runs. The first being the long run along behind the bin store which the existing concrete wall will be
removed prior to installation by Jenners and a 300mm gravel board will be used as a retainer before the standard board and timber panel
above finished ground level. Panels will be installed on this run. The second is the small return from this boundary to the corner of the new
property including a gate

Visit 3                          Marked up on drawing as ‘3’ will be the long run along mesh fencing to neighbouring property and this run will have two 300mm gravel
boards installed below ground level and then the standard board along with the timber panel above ground level, the small return to the
building will be posted and all panels installed on visit 4

Visit 4                          Panels on runs indicated above will be installed in one visit agreed with Jenner

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