Project Description

Client: GSE Group
Location: Charing, Ashford

Scope of works

Products to be installed

Double Slatted:  (Area 1A) 128.80 Meters

Posts:                    100 x 100 x 2400mm, set at 1.83m centres

Panels:                  1.8 x 1.8m Double Slatted Panel

Close-Boarded Acoustic (Hales Acosutic)

Posts:                     3.0m x 150 x 125mm square sawn posts, set at 3.0m centres

Infill:                      Kit form panels comprising horizontal rails and vertical cladding c/w capping.

Horizontal Acoustic         (Area 2A) 65.1 Meters

Jacksons fencing Jakoustic fence system.

Low Level Post & Rail

Posts:                      100 x 100 x 1200mm, square sawn posts c/w 2 mortices. Posts set at 1.5m centres.

Rails:                      2 No. 100 x 38mm square sawn rails slotted through mortices.

Post Caps:             125 x 125mm square post caps

Square Post & Rail (         Area 3) 88.5 Meters

Posts     100 x 125 x 1800mm, square sawn posts c/w 3 mortices. Posts set at 3.0m centres.

Rails       3 No. 100 x 38mm x 3.0m square sawn rails slotted through mortices, scarfed ends.

Prick posts          100 x 38mm x 1.8m pointed and driven mid-bay.

Netting Wite      HT8/80/15 tensioned and stapled to outside face of fence.

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