Tornado Fencing Supplier in Kent

Four Seasons Fencing are an official supplier of Tornado wire fencing in Ashford, Kent. We choose Tornado fencing specifically due to their high-quality and comprehensive range of wire fencing products, used to safely contain and exclude a wide range of different animals.

Tornado Livestock Fencing

Livestock Fencing

Offering a wide range of options to enclose or exclude cattle, poultry, sheep, deer and more.

Tornado Equestrian Fencing

Equestrian Fencing

A specific range of wire fencing designed to enclose and protect horses in any type of land.

Tornado Infrastructure Fencing

Infrastructure Fencing

A more robust type of fencing which can be installed alongside roads, solar farms, railways etc.

Types of Tornado Fencing

Tornado offer such a diverse range of wire fencing that we are able to offer the entire catalogue of livestock fencing (for sheep, cattle, deer and poultry) equestrian fencing (for protecting horses), infrastructure fencing (to protect roads, railways and solar farms) and even products such as otter fencing to protect fisheries.

The Tornado range includes wire fencing for:

  • Livestock fencing
  • Poultry fencing
  • Solar farm fencing
  • Dog field fencing
  • Horse fencing
  • Badger fencing
  • Rabbit fencing
  • Deer fencing
  • Otter fencing
  • Infrastructure fencing
  • Forestry deer fencing
  • Animal park fencing
  • Wild boar fencing

So if you are a professional fencing installer looking for wire fencing then Tornado’s fencing is the perfect option due to their vast array of products, each designed to contain or exclude specific animal types.

The Benefits of Tornado Fencing

There are several benefits of using Tornado Fencing for enclosing or excluding animals.


With such a wide range of products to choose from, you’ll always find the right type of fencing for the job.


Tornado only make top-quality wire fencing and is why we are a proud stockist of their products, so you’re in safe hands.

Cost Effective

As well as being high-quality, Tornado Fencing is reasonably priced so you’ll be able to install without it breaking the budget.

Easy to Install

As a professional fencing installer, wire fencing is one of the easiest types to install whatever the project.

Looking for a quote on Tornado Fencing?

If you’re interested in using Tornado fencing for your next project then please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements and find the perfect Tornado product for you.


If wire fencing isn’t the right choice then we also stock a huge range of alternative fencing for professional fencing contractors.