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Preparing Your Garden For The Winter Months

Preparing Your Garden For The Winter Months

November 4, 2018

Make a start on your Autumn “tidy up” now before the weather takes a nasty turn and you will be less likely to find any unwanted surprises next Spring!

We have a checklist of jobs to help you put your garden to bed this Winter…

Autumn Leaves

Rake up the fallen leaves but don’t waste them! They can be composted on your borders or placed around your borders and used as shelter for wildlife.

Gutter and Drains

Keep an eye on your Gutters and drains.  When the beautiful autumn leaves are falling, remember to keep clearing your gutter and drains to prevent any blockages.

Clear away the Deck

It’s important to give your decking a good clean and to remove any leaves, moss or mud from the boards to prevent slippery paths.

Treat your Garden Furniture

Maintaining your garden furniture each year with a good quality wood preservative will help prevent any damage and repairs during the winter months.

Look after your wildlife

Feed the birds, leave out feeders and water baths.  Leave some perennials as a winter habitat for insects such as ladybirds.

Watch out for Hedgehogs

If you like having garden fires, make sure there are no hedgehogs hibernating or any other creatures nesting in the surrounding area.  Hedgehogs shelter in compost heaps and leaves amongst toads and frogs!

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