Wood Treatment in Ashford, Kent

We supply a range of wood treatments in Ashford, Kent for a variety of purposes, including decking, sheds, fences and universal treatments. All of our wood treatments are designed to extend the life of any wood surface by preventing infestation and rot.

Each treatment will preserve wooden surfaces whilst offering a specific finish to the wood you’re applying it to. We offer a range of finishes including light, dark and even clear so you can choose the best option for you as well as supplying a variety of sizes, so you can select the desired amount for your project.

Whether you’re looking to treat new wood which has been laid, or increase the life of existing wood, we’re got a wide selection to choose from, each designed for a specific purpose. If you would like further information on any of our treatments then please feel free to contact us on 01233 820240 or visit is in-store in Tenterden in Ashford, Kent.

Wood Treatment in Ashford Kent

Types of Wood Treatment

There are a wide range of wood treatments on offer here at FSF Fencing Supplies, however to best explain how each type of wood treatment works, we’ve categorised the three main options into three types: Universal, Decking and Shed & Fence. Each type of treatment offers specific features for that style of timber and provides you with a professional finish for the exact purpose you need.

Universal Wood Treatment in Ashford Kent

Universal Treatments

If you are simply looking for a treatment that offers a ‘one size fits all’ solution then our range of universal wood treatments will be the best option and will extend the life of any external timber.

Decking Oil Treatment in Ashford Kent

Decking Treatments

If you are specifically looking to treat timber decking then it’s best to choose a treatment which is designed for that purpose and will extend the life of the decking and offer stain protection.

Shed and Fence Treatment in Ashford Kent

Shed & Fence Treatment

When it comes to sheds and fences, it’s usually best to choose a treatment which is designed with this type of timber in mind, offering water-based, quick-drying features for a professional finish.

Wood Treatment Products in Ashford, Kent

Please browse our collection of wood treatments, which are all available online or in-store at our shop in Tenterden in Ashford, Kent. We pride ourselves on our customers service and would be glad to help if you have any questions before purchasing your treatment.

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Please feel free to visit us in-store to see our collection of wood treatment in Ashford, Kent and speak to us in-person if you are nearby and would like further information before purchasing.

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