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Steel Palisade Gates

Discover the perfect steel palisade gates for your needs on our online store, where we provide a range of double and single leaf gates at 1.8m, 2.0m, or 2.4m heights to match our steel palisade fencing. With their robust construction, rust-resistant properties, and intimidating design, steel palisade gates are an excellent choice for those seeking secure and durable entrance solutions.

Single & Double Leaf Steel Palisade Gates

Steel palisade gates are a sturdy and secure access control solution made from high-quality galvanised steel to EU standards. These gates are available in various heights of 1.8m, 2.0m, and 2.4m, providing options for different security requirements to be installed alongside our matching steel palisade fencing.

The galvanised finish ensures exceptional rust prevention, guaranteeing the gates’ longevity even in harsh environmental conditions and both single leaf and double leaf designs are available in matching heights for added convenience. With a distinctive ‘W’ style pointed head standard on each pale, these gates provide an additional layer of security, deterring potential intruders from climbing over. Due to their robust construction and reliable design, steel palisade gates are widely favoured for perimeter protection and access control applications. Whether for commercial, industrial, or residential properties, these gates offer a durable and effective solution for securing premises and maintaining peace of mind.

Steel Palisade Gates

Steel Palisade Range

We offer a comprehensive selection of matching steel palisade products that seamlessly enhance perimeter and access-controlled fencing solutions. Made from cold-rolled steel with a galvanised finish, these gates and fences stand out for their exceptional strength and security, making them a top choice among our customers for perimeter protection and access control needs. With a consistent ‘W’ style pointed head atop each pale, these steel palisade fencing and gates ensure heightened security and a uniform appearance across the entire installation. Count on us for reliable and robust solutions to safeguard your premises effectively.

The Benefits of Steel Palisade Gates

When it comes to perimeter security and access control, steel palisade gates stand tall as a robust and durable choice. Available in various heights, these gates are manufactured in single leaf and double leaf varieties, offering flexibility to suit different needs. At our online store, we offer a wide range of palisade gates designed to seamlessly integrate with our palisade fencing range.

Seamless Installation

To ensure a hassle-free installation, all our palisade gates are supplied with the necessary posts and fixings. Whether you need additional posts, pales, rails, or fixings, we also offer a selection of palisade fencing accessories that can be purchased separately, allowing you to customise your fencing system to perfection.

Durable and Rust-Resistant

The core material used in manufacturing our palisade gates is high-quality steel, which is then galvanised to provide exceptional rust prevention properties. This ensures that the gates maintain their strength and integrity even in harsh environmental conditions.

Uncompromising Security

Palisade gates are not just sturdy; their design also contributes to their excellent security features. The triple pointed top and the distinctive “W” profile pale, standard in most gates, create an intimidating appearance that discourages potential intruders.

Features Designed for Security

Our single and double-leaf palisade gates are equipped with inverted hinges to prevent lift-off attempts, ensuring that your security is never compromised. A padlockable side-latch further enhances security, providing peace of mind that your premises are protected.

Versatility for Various Applications

Steel palisade gates find applications in a wide range of settings due to their adaptability and strength. They are ideal for industrial and commercial premises, electricity and gas installations, research laboratories, fuel terminals, data centres, sewage and water treatment plants, railway and motorway access points, police stations, and courts of law. No matter the location, these gates offer reliable protection and controlled access.

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