Fencing Equipment in Ashford, Kent

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast looking to get quality fencing equipment for a project at home, or a trade specialist needing professional equipment for a commercial contract, we have the right fencing equipment for you!

FSF Fencing Supplies offers a wide variety of fencing tools and accessories to assist you with your fencing installation. Our equipment range varies from Claw Hammers, Fence Wire Tensioning Tools to Mini Bolt Cutters and spades, all in which are designed in-house at our workshop in Ashford, Kent.

If you need any help with deciding on what Fencing Equipment you need then please do not hesitate in contacting one of our friendly fencing specialists on 01233 820420 or alternatively please feel free to visit our showroom in Ashford, Kent.

Fencing Equipment in Ashford Kent

Types of Fencing Equipment

We stock a wide range of fencing equipment in Ashford, here are some of the key items we sell whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or local contractor.

Handsaw in Ashford Kent


In fencing a handsaw is used to cut pierce of wood into different shapes in order to connect pieces together.

Claw Hammer in Ashford Kent

Claw Hammer

A handy tool primarily used in woodwork for driving nails into, or pulling nails from other objects.

Wrench in Ashford Kent


A versatile tool used to provide grip and mechanical advantage when turning rotary fasteners such as nuts and bolts.

Pliers in Ashford Kent


Also known as ‘pinchers’ this tool is used to grip and manipulate small bolts and bend wires to shape.

Cutters in Ashford Kent


A cutter tool is simply a template for cutting into another object to produce a particular shape.

Spades in Ashford Kent


A tool comprising of a long handle and blade which is primarily used for digging out terrain.

Post Level in Ashford Kent

Post Level

This essential tool is quite simply a spirit level that finds level in a post to ensure even levelling of fencing.

Crowbars in Ashford Kent


A crowbar is an iron bar with a flattened end which is usually wedge-shaped at the working end for use as a pry or lever.

Tensioning Tool in Ashford Kent

Tensioning Tool

A tool used for tensioning wire (including barbed wire) up to a particular diameter prior to stapling onto wooden fencing posts.

Fencing Equipment Products in Ashford, Kent

At FSF Fencing Supplies we stock a range of tools to suit all fencing and garden needs including Cable Laying Shovels, Tensioning Tools and lawn Rakes. All our our fencing equipment in this category is available to view in our workshop based in Ashford, Kent.

Visit us in store

Please feel free to visit our fencing shop in Ashford, Kent to take a look in-person at our wide range of fencing equipment for enthusiasts and contractors across the county.

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