Featheredge Timber Fencing in Ashford, Kent

Featheredge fencing is one of our most popular fencing choices as it offers additional privacy whilst still maintaining a strong and secure structure. It is part of the fence that runs vertically and is generally attached to the horizontal rails to give it an aesthetically pleasing look.

There are a variety of components that come with featheredge fencing which include rails, stumps and boards and these are made up of additional components such as Counter Rails, Centre Stumps and Featheredge Gravel Boards, all in which are available in a variety of designs and sizes to suit all garden needs.

Our featheredge fencing products are made from the highest quality timber materials and are handmade to an excellent standard in our workshop in Ashford, Kent. If you need help with deciding on which Featheredge Fencing you would like to go for then please feel free to to have a chat with one of our friendly fencing specialists on 01233 820240.

All of our posts are made from the highest quality timber materials and are handmade and finished to a high standard in our workshop in Ashford, Kent – making them strong and hardwearing all year round!

Types of Featheredge Fencing

Our timber featheredge fencing comes in a variety of different designs and sizes to suit all garden requirements. All of our featheredge fencing products are simple and easy to self-install, however we can offer a hassle-free full installation service if required, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Featheredge Fencing Rail in Ashford Kent

Featheredge Rails

The timber rails make up the back panelling to the featheredge fencing structure. They are generally applied horizontally from one post to the other to essentially act as the ‘skeleton’ of the fencing.

Featheredge Fencing Stump in Ashford Kent

Featheredge Stumps

A centre stump is used with close board or feather edge fences. The top of the stump has an angle which fits below the lowest rail on the fence and is concreted into the ground. This gives an ideal centre for fixing a wooden gravel board and also gives the fence extra support.

featheredge fencing pales in Ashford Kent

Featheredge Pales

Featheredge pales are used with timber rails and are ideal on uneven ground. They are used to build the foundation of the fencing structure.

Featheredge Fencing Boards in Ashford Kent

Featheredge Boards

Commonly referred to as ‘Closeboard Fencing’, Feather Edge Boards are single boards that are placed vertically, with each one overlapping the one beside it.

Featheredge Timber Fencing in Tenterden, Ashord

Please feel free to browse our range of featheredge timber fencing products, all of which are available to purchase directly online or via our workshop in Ashford, Kent. All of our fencing products are hand-made using the very best timber materials and are finished in-house with a team of highly experienced fencing specialists. Below is a selection of our newest ranges:

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