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Livestock Equipment

We supply a wide range of livestock equipment online including Cattle Crushes, Cattle Handling, Cattle Feeding, Sheep Handling, Sheep Feeding and Water Troughs.

Livestock Products

Our wide range of livestock products are exclusively created by LM Bateman, one of the UK’s leading agricultural engineering companies and for good reason. Their range of premium animal handling and feeding equipment is made from high-quality RHS steel which is galvanised to ISO1461 standards.

We offer their high quality range in order to fulfil any livestock needs, including cattle crushes for holding cattle whilst they are examined, cattle handling for safe moving and cattle feeders of all shapes and sizes. Alongside cattle, we also supply the range of sheep handling and feeding equipment as well as an array of water trough options – with and without service boxes.

Livestock Equipment

Cattle Crushes

Designed specifically for efficiency and safety when holding cattle whilst they are examined, treated or marked. With ideal specifications, our cattle crushes provide the perfect space to provide the cattle with a low-stress environment, which reduces the chance of injury for both cattle and the operator.

Cattle Feeding

A range of cattle feeding solutions including troughs, trailers and rings to provide specific feeding options in different situations, such as portable cattle feed trailers for out in the field or cattle rings for a more slightly permanent solution that is still moveable, or even different sized troughs depending on the amount of cattle.

Sheep Handling

A variety of specifically designed systems for handling sheep, including grips, turnover crates, weighers, hurdles with coupling or interlocking options and races. So whether you’re looking for equipment for veterinarian work, tagging, weighing, portable or more permanent pens, then we have everything you could need.

Sheep Feeding

Whether you’re looking for temporary or more permanent fixtures, our range of sheep feeding equipment will have the perfect solution. Including a range of products such as feed trailers, rings, bale roofs and cradles, troughs and hayracks – we’re sure to have the right fit for your sheep feeding needs.

Water Troughs

Our range of water troughs provide a standard design with a standalone water trough without a service box with an optional separate service box with ball and valve or a medium-sized water trough with a service box welded to the end for ease of dispensing water.

Cattle Handling

Mainly referred to as Cattle Forcing Pens or Circles, these systems are design to assist handlers with a more safe and effective solution when moving cattle into a crush or trailer. The ‘Suporhandler’ from LM Bateman is the premium solution which provides both a permanent and portable 180 degree cattle forcing circle.