Security Fencing in Ashford Kent

Security Fencing is a very effective, preventative solution to protect against intruder access and acts as a deterrent to crime which helps major public installations tackle combat attacks.

At Four Seasons we provide a wide range of both residential and commercial security fencing systems in our workshop in Ashford, Kent which are designed to protect residents from intrusion and to control perimeters around a premises.

Our range includes Weldmesh and Chainlink and a wide selection of General Security Fencing which are all constructed with a superior finishing making them all strong and long lasting.

Security fencing can help protect properties of all shapes and sizes, so at Four Seasons we ensure that the majority of items shown in this section are available in a range of different sizes and designs to suit all requirements.

If you need some help with either the choice or the installation of your security fencing, then please feel free to contact one of our friendly fencing specialists on 01233 820420 or alternatively please visit us at our store in Ashford, Kent.

Security Fencing in Ashford, Kent
Weldmesh Security Fencing in Kent


Weldmesh fencing is a versatile type of security fencing which is designed to keep small animals and birds enclosed. It is generally used in aviaries, small animal pens, as inconspicuous garden fencing or as an effective protection for plants and fruit trees.

Security Mesh Fencing in Kent

Security Mesh

Security meshed fencing is the ideal choice if you are looking for high-level containment of an area. This type of fencing can offer protection from vandalism, break ins and intruders at any facility and can be tailor-made to accommodate site-specific threats.

Green Chainlink Security Fencing in Kent

Green Chainlink

Green Chainlink fencing is a common sight around numerous installations and provides an effective security barrier for any recreational enclosure. The woven diamond pattern and bright green plastic coated wire make this fencing a good strong option for residential security fencing.

Security Crash Barriers in Kent

Crash Barriers

A crash barrier is a strong, sturdy fence designed to eliminate risk of serious accident involving a vehicle. The barrier is made from a robust metal and is available to place as corner plots (which can be angled) or as an end barrier at most premises.

Residential Security Fencing in Ashford Kent

Residential Security Fencing

Garden and home security is extremely important for many homeowners and with so much selection to choose from, it can sometimes seem daunting when it’s time to decide on a type. It is important to remember that each type of residential security fencing will have varying security levels so make sure you pick the correct one to suit your requirements. For example, a medium to low level security fencing will suit a a small gardened property but a higher security range would be ideal for a larger more rural property.

Commercial Security Fencing in Kent

High Security Commercial Fencing

High security commercial fencing is designed to have a rigid, hard wearing design which is most commonly used as maximum protection perimeter around a commercial property. This is because it is designed to keep intruders out, preventing criminal activity and offering high impact resistance. Commercial Security Fencing offers a wide range of choices and customisation that can accommodate all needs and make protection at any facility the best it can possibly this is why at Four Seasons we make sure that we can provide you with design and installation assistance to help make your job easier.

Security Fencing Products in Ashford Kent

All of our fencing is kept in Ashford, Kent where our team of specialist fence designers work tirelessly to give you the very best standard and finishing to all our security fencing.

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We understand how important security is which is why at Four Seasons we only supply the very best quality security fencing. Our range includes Barriers, commercial fencing and Weldmesh – plus an extensive selection of general Security Fencing.

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