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Crash Barriers

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    Untensioned safety barrier is widely used in installations such as industrial estates, car parks and warehouses.  It is not suitable for use in highway applications.


    Crash Barrier

    The corrugated beams are 3500mm overall length with an effective length of 3200mm.  joints are secured by using 8 nr. M16 x 35mm Lap Bolt sets.  Barrier to post fixing is with 1 nr. M16 x 50mm Post Bolt set.  All barriers should be assembled with the overlap in the direction of the traffic flow to prevent vehicles hitting exposed ends in the event of a collision.  All beams have mid span slots to enable additional posts to be installed to maximise strength.



    The system is available with 90 and 45 degree corners which are available in either external or internal configurations.  Installation is with two posts which also serve to support the end of each barrier run, and 16 nr. M16 x 35mm Lap Bolt sets.


    Barrier Ends

    When terminating the ends of a barrier run, two choices are available; the wing end terminal, which is secured to the corrugated safety barrier using 8nr. M16 x 35mm Lap Bolt sets, or the plastic end cover.  This simply slides over the end of the corrugated barrier beam and is secured in place with 1 nr. M16 x 50mm Post Bolt set.  the plastic end cover is preferred where pedestrians are likely to come into contact with the barrier and the wing end terminal is usually employed as a robust solution in traffic areas.


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