Agricultural Fencing Supplies

Our wide selection of agriculture fencing includes products such as chicken nettingBarbed Wire and Deer Netting. Our range also includes an array of Electric Fencing to suit every farmers fencing preference. We also provide wire and stock fencing which is available in a variety of different size variations plus a choice of sheds.

Agricultural Fencing Products

Agriculture Fencing is used to keep animals in or out of an area and can be made with a variety of materials, depending on location, animal and terrain. At FSF Fencing Supplies we offer a wide selection of agriculture fencing including Wire and Stock, and Electric Fencing. We provide only the highest quality of product which include Chicken Netting, Barbed Wire and Deer Netting to suit all farm/land owners needs.

At Four Seasons we pride ourselves on our fantastic customer service, so if there is anything you would like help with in regards to agricultural fencing then please feel free to contact one of our fencing specialists on 01233 820420.

Agricultural Fencing Supplies

Wire & Stock Fencing

We stock a range of wire and stock fencing that is durable, strong and economical for the keep of pigs, sheep, cattle and deers. Our range also includes a range of nettings for chickens, deers, horses and rabbits – leaving no stone unturned! All products found in this category are available in various sizes and are supplied and manufactured in the UK.

Electric Fencing

Keeping animals in or out is of course extremely important when it comes to agricultural fencing which is why at FSF Fencing Supplies we only supply the very best electric fencing products. Our range includes Stranded Steel Wire, Tape Connector and Underground Cabling – everything to suit all agricultural needs! Plus we can also help assist you in the installation process, leaving you stress free!

Animal Handling Equipment

As a specialist supplier of LM Bateman products, we offer a wide variety of animal-handling, housing and feeding equipment, including products such as Cattle Rings, Beef Troughs, Trailers and Cattle Handling Stations.

Agricultural Fencing Sizing

FSF Fencing Supplies have been manufacturing agricultural fencing for rural businesses and communities for the past 15 years and therefore understand that choosing the right size to fit your requirements is tricky. Generally speaking your fencing size will depend greatly on the type of animals you are keeping, so for example a horse will need a higher boundary than a sheep.

Please refer to the British Standard Summary which outlines the requirements and standards relevant to agriculture by clicking the button below. If you require any help with choosing the correct size of agricultural fencing then our friendly team of fencing specialists are on hand to assist you in any way they can and you can either call us directly on 01233 820240 or visit us in our shop in Ashford, Kent.

Sizing Agricultural Fencing