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Box & Angle Metal Strainer System

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    This UK manufactured metal strainer system is an excellent long-life alternative to traditional timber strainer assemblies, guaranteed for 30 YEARS.


    It’s light weight yet incredibly strong, heavily galvanised tubular construction allows strainers to be erected easily, often without the need for pre-augered holes.

    Supplied in both box and angle strut options, packs include anti-lift/anti-twist heel and breast plates, bracing wires, Gripples and post/strut connectors providing easy to assemble straining systems.

    The metal strainer system posts are offered in various lengths suitable for fence heights up to 2.6 metres.

    The stainless steel post/strut connector provides superior strength and stability.  Multiple struts can be attached to any strainer post permitting changes in direction where required.

    Please contact the office on 01233 820240 for more details.


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