Agricultural Fencing in Ashford Kent

We supply a wide range of agricultural fencing in Kent that can be used to keep animals in or out of specific areas.

Agricultural fencing comes in many forms offering a range of materials for use in dedicated locations, terrains and for a specific type of animal. Our range of fencing for animals includes wire and stock fencing which is ideal for chickens, rabits, horses etc. Plywood for attaching wire to and then electrical fencing for very specific use to keep animals in or out of specific areas.

Please find below our range of products and if you have any further questions please feel free to contact us directly for further information on 01233 820420.

Agricultural Fencing in Ashford Kent
Wire and Stock Agricultural Fencing in Ashford Kent

Wire & Stock Fencing

Wire and stock fencing is the most common type of agricultural fencing due to its durable, strong and economical design for all types of animals, large and small, from chickens and rabbits to pigs and horses. This category contains products such as barbed wire, chicken, deer and horse netting, plain wire and much more! All wire and stock fencing products can be purchased in various sizes and are supplied and manufactured in the UK.

Electric Agricultural Fencing in Ashford Kent

Electric Fencing

When keeping animals in or out of specific zones then electric fencing can be a great option. Our wide range of electric fencing products include all the different aspects you will need to install and setup your own electrical perimeter fencing, including poultry netting, energisers, fence testers, insulators and much more! So whatever products you need for your electric agricultural fencing we’re sure to have the right choice.

Plywood Agricultural Fencing in Ashford Kent


Plywood is the perfect type of fencing for agricultural needs due to its lightweight but strong design. It’s a type of wood that is very easy to handle whilst offering great strength and rigidity and therefore can be used for many fencing purposes. We stock several types of plywood sheets for both domestic and agricultural fencing construction, all of which can be cut to size if required and are all made to be super rigid, so it’s ideal for external fencing.

Agricultural Fencing Sizing

One of the most tricky parts of installing your own agricultural fencing is getting the measurements correct. Although being a fencing shop, here at Four Seasons Fencing we are also a manufacturer and installer so have well over 15 years experience in choosing the right size to fit your requirements. As a rule of thumb, your agricultural fencing size will mainly depend on the type of animals you are keeping, i.e chickens will need a smaller and lighter fence than pigs.

The best place to start when getting the right measurements is to refer to the British Standard Summary which outlines the requirements relevant to agriculture by clicking the button below. If you are still struggling and require help with choosing the right size of agricultural fencing then please feel free to get in touch via calling us on 01233 820240 or visit us in our shop in Ashford, Kent.

Agricultural Fencing Sizing in Ashford Kent

Agricultural Fencing Products in Ashford Kent

Please find our most popular agricultural fencing products below, or click the buttons above to be directed to specific areas of the site for more detailed products.

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