Closeboard Panels

We construct our own unique closeboard panels in-house from our workshop in Ashford ,Kent. Our closeboard panels include both featheredge and premium finishes to suit a range of garden requirements and can be installed by our professional fencing team upon request.

Closeboard panels offer a classic style whilst still providing a strong and versatile fencing solution, making it one of the most popular choices for garden fencing. The term ‘closeboard’ refers to the way in which is has been constructed, where each slat slightly overlaps the other. The overlapping design allows rainwater to freely run off it, stopping it from soaking the fence and preventing rot.

If you need any help in choosing the right closeboard fencing, or you have a project which requires further questions then please feel free to contact the team using the button below and we’ll be happy to help, we can even offer a professional installation service if required.

Closeboard Panels

Types of Closeboard Panels

Closeboard Panels are timeless, elegant and cost-effective due to the solid timber posts, pales and rales it uses for support. In this section we offer a 2 different styles and designs to choose from, including premium panels and featheredge panels. Due to these being built on-site, we can offer a quick delivery turnaround time for both contractors and DIY enthusiasts.

Premium Closeboard Panel

Premium Closeboard Panels

Our premium close board panels are made on-site and can be purchased individually or in packs of 20. They provide a strong fence solution and are designed with the same principal of overlapping slats to create a thicker, more rigid structure.

Featheredge Closeboard Panel

Featheredge Closeboard Panels

Featheredge closeboard panels are cost-effective and provide great strength and versatility. They are the most common type of closeboard fencing and are designed with the overlapping sawn down edges on each slat to create the classic featheredge look.

Other Timber Fence Panels

If you’re unsure as to whether closeboard panels are the right choice for your garden project, then we have plenty of other fencing options to choose from! Please feel free to browse through our wide range of timber fence panels listed below and if you require any assistance in your selection then please get in touch, our friendly team will be happy lend a hand.

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If you’d prefer to see our closeboard panels in-person then please feel free to pay us a visit at our shop in Ashford, Kent. We construct all of our premium and featheredge closeboard panels on-site and have a professional team who will be glad to help answer any questions.

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