Chestnut Fencing in Ashford, Kent

Chestnut Fencing offers an attractive, sturdy and maintenance-free perimeter system which is ideal for gardens, estates, schools and public parks. Made from high quality, heavy duty chestnut wood, this choice of fencing is completely natural and sustainable and is available in a range of different designs and sizes. Wonderfully versatile, our range includes chestnut paling, chestnut posts and cleft chestnut posts and rails.

The fencing can be customised to your requirements and can be made in rolls of any length, there is never a project too big or too small! We can also accommodate paling supply, offering a number of options in terms of size to fit your needs and offer a full installation service if required.

Our chestnut fencing is made with the finest quality of materials and finished to a superior level by our fencing specialists directly from our workshop in Ashford, Kent. You are more than welcome to stop by and visit us, where we would be more than happy to show you in person just how high quality chestnut fencing really is. Alternatively, if you have any questions then please feel free to contact us on 01233 820240 where one of our friendly support team will be happy to help.

Types of Chestnut Fencing

All of our chestnut fencing products are handmade and finished to an excellent standard in our workshop in Ashford, Kent. If you have any questions relating to any of the products in this category then please feel free to pay us a visit or contact us on 01233 820240.

Chestnut Railing in Ashford Kent

Chestnut Posts and Rail

These are the components needed to create a chestnut fencing structure which is strong, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing.

Chestnut Posts

Chestnut posts are the foundation of the fencing and come either as full rounds (which are cut from individual coppice poles) or as cleft posts.

Chestnut Paling in Ashford Kent

Chestnut Paling

Chestnut Paling comes is a ready made fence roll which can be joined together to make a permanent or temporary boundary.

Chestnut Fencing in Tenterden, Ashford

In this section we welcome you to view our range of our decorative chestnut fencing, which has all been carefully handcrafted from our workshop in Kent. All of the products seen here can be purchased directly online or via our shop.

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If you are a DIY enthusiast or even a fencing specialist, then we stock a wide range of chestnut fencing products in our shop in Ashford, Kent as well as our full range of other fencing products.

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