Wire Fencing in Ashford, Kent

We supply high-quality wire fencing in Ashford, Kent designed to enclose or exclude animals as well as offer perimeter protection. Wire fencing offers a comprehensive selection of cost-effective solutions, most commonly used for agricultural and security purposes. In regards to the benefits of using wire fencing for agricultural means, it makes an effective solution for holding livestock on large farmlands, whilst potentially offering electricity to be run through it if required. It’s also an extremely durable fencing option, with a life expectancy of up to 30 years, wire fencing can withstand extreme weather conditions, which is why it’s one of the most common outdoor fencing options.

As well as agricultural fencing, wire fencing can also be used as security fencing, offering safety and protection for businesses, construction sights, train lines and other commercial boundaries. In this instance, barbed wire fencing is of course one of the most popular options, where the wire is twisted tightly together and makes a cord of barbs. These project outwardly from the fence at short distances, available in 5 or even 6 inches apart. This design helps discourage both humans and animals that may be attempting to enter your land.

Wire Fencing in Ashford, Kent

Types of Wire Fencing

Wire fencing comes in 4 main categories, plain, barbed, agricultural and post. Each has its own benefits and come in a range of options. All of our wire fencing products are supplied and manufactured in the UK, and galvanised to British Standards.

Plain Wire in Ashford, Kent

Plain Wire

Plan wire is both versatile and easy to install, whether you’re a professional fencing installer or DIY home enthusiast. It’s the most common fencing option for farms or homes with land, looking to increase security and protection.

Barbed Wire in Ashford, Kent

Barbed Wire

Designed with twisted wire barbs at either 5 or 6 inches apart, barbed wire discourages livestock from leaving their enclosure, or prevents unwanted intruders (both animal and human) onto specific areas of land.

Agricultural Netting in Ashford Kent

Agricultural Netting

Agricultural netting has the most options of all the wired fencing range. It’s designed to keep all sorts of animals enclosed and comes in a wide range of options, each designed for a specific type of animal.

Wire Fencing Posts in Ashford Kent

Wire Fencing Posts

Instead of just using standard wooden posts, we offer a range of bespoke fencing posts for wired fencing to make it easier to install and offer even more rigidity, our most popular being the Versalock Post & Click system.

Wire Fencing Products in Ashford, Kent

Please take a look at our range of wire fencing products, all can be purchased with ease online or if you’d like to take a closer look before buying, all can be seen at our shop in Bethersden, Ashford.

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