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Cleft Chestnut Posts and Rail

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Available in Half Round Posts, End Posts and Corner Posts.

Chestnut fencing is a traditional product and uses the natural quality of a wood which grows in the United Kingdom.  It has qualities of strength and appearance and weathers to an attractive neutral colour.

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Traditional cleft chestnut post and rail fencing has been used to keep animals in or just to enhance a garden for many years. It’s makes a very strong and rustic looking fence. The posts come in 2.0m long lengths and can either be morticed for 2 or 3 rails. The rails are usually 2.9m in length, tapered on each end to allow them to fit into the mortices. Both the posts and rails are cleaved (splitting) which follows the natural grain of the timber helping to repel water, the posts cleaved in halves and rails in quarters. The fence I constructed by installing a post then digging the next post hole, inserting the rails into the first post, then into the second post, then when all the rails are in back filling the post hole and on to the next hole.

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2 mortice – half round post 2.0m, 2 mortice – end post 2.0m, 2 mortice – corner post 2.0m, 3 mortice – half round post 2.0m, 3 mortice – end post 2.0m, 3 mortice – corner post 2.0m, Cleft chestnut rails 2.90m


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