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Top Tips To Maintain A Healthy Lawn

It’s one of the most desired features in our gardens and what every gardener dreams of.  There is nothing more satisfying than looking out onto a beautiful green layer of heavenly grass that you work hard on maintaining!

If you’re looking to improve the quality of your lawn then read our top tips on how to achieve and maintain a luscious looking lawn.



You should start seeding in a cool time of year, if you seed in the heat of summer the seed will burn and dry out. Prepare your garden by raking and tilling the soil so the ground is nice and loose and then lightly rake over after seeding allowing the seed to incorporate into the soil.  Make sure you keep the ground moist for the seed to germinate fully and so there is enough moisture to start growth.


It’s the most important task to maintain a beautiful lawn.  It’s best to mow at least once a week but never cut more than one third of the grass length.  It helps to mow in a different pattern with each cutting.

Mulch Clippings

Often people think they should rake up the grass clippings after mowing, however leaving them on the ground adds nitrogen back to the ground and provides extra moisture.


Always water your lawn in the early morning.  Watering the grass and soil in the evening will leave it wet throughout the night, which can cause bacteria and other lawn diseases.  It’s important not to water your lawn in the heat.  The water will evaporate through the heat of the day, so if you have a week with dry hot weather, try soaking the grass one morning to make up for the lack of rain.

Just remember these three easy steps: Mow, Mulch and Water!

Follow these simple tips and you will achieve that sought after healthy looking green grass and your neighbours with be green with envy!

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