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Garden Jobs for Autumn

Autumn is here and it definitely feels like Winter is on its way.  Although it’s feeling colder, it is undoubtedly a beautiful time of year with all the trees changing colour and the array of colourful leaves covering the floors.

It may seem like a pointless task to tidy up the garden, however now is the best time to prepare for the early frosts.

We have some great gardening tips to help you..

1.  Tidy your borders and crops – remove any dead leaves and stems from your borders and crops by hand.  By removing any spent crops before any rotting, will prevent any pests and diseases.

2.   Collect autumn leaves – Autumn leaves can make your lawn and pathways extremely slippery, so clear any obstructed leaves from your garden.  We have tools to help – lawn rake, leaf rake.  Remember, leaves provide great shelter for your wildlife.

3. Cut back old perennials.  Remove dead stems on your perennials, leaving any seed heads for the birds to eat.

4.  Get super organised and start planting tulips for flowering next spring.

5.  It’s your last chance to mow lawns and trim hedges.  There might not be many dry days to mow the lawn in the winter months, so now would be a great time to mow the lawn for a final time.  Keep your edges neat and trim too.

6.  Finally, don’t forget to clean out your nest boxes and feeders.  Try to remember to keep supplies topped up for the winter birds.

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