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How to help your fence survive the Winter Season

How to help your fence survive the Winter Season

The Winter months can mean exposure to wet conditions.  Moisture softens the wood leading to mold, mildew and rot.  We have some tips on how to help your fence survive the winter!

Repairing existing damage

  • Any existing damage to your fence makes the fence vulnerable to further irreparable damage.
  • Repair any snapped rails and look out for any rot (if you notice any rotting, replace the fence panels immediately.
  • Tighten any loose fixings

Protect the wood

  • If the Winter season brings us snow, then this presents a serious hazard to your fence in the form of mould and rot.
  • Applying a coat of wood preservative will add further protection and improve the appearance.

Take care of your fence posts

  • Now is the time to make sure your fence posts are secure because during the wet season, increased moisture in the ground will loosen the soil around the base of your fence.

Preventing further moisture

  • The best way to prevent extra moisture to your fence from the winter weather is to keep the base of the fence panel dry.  A fantastic way to do this is to leave a gap between the bottom of the fence and the ground by adding a gravel board.
  • Clear any leaves and debris away to allow airflow to your fence.

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