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The benefits of Closeboard Fencing

The benefits of Closeboard Fencing

At FSF Fencing Supplies, we now manufacture closeboard panels on-site using our own panel making machine, enabling us to mass produce our Premium Closeboard Panels for quick turnaround times.

Take a look at the benefits of choosing our Premium Closeboard panels for your next fencing project..

High Quality Timber

The structural design of closeboard panels is standard across any fencing, however our premium closeboard panels are made with much thicker and stronger timber slats. This additional thickness provides even greater strength and longevity to the fence, enabling it to withstand much harsher weather conditions and increases the overall lifespan of the fence. All timber components used within the construction of our premium range are fully pressure treated to protect against fungal decay.


Closeboard fencing is best known for it’s durability and strength. Our premium panels are constructed using vertical slats that slightly overlap one another. This is where the the concept of ‘closeboard’ derives, where each slat (or ‘board’) is constructed extremely close together to offer added strength and allows rainwater to freely run off. Otherwise the rainwater would simply soak into the timber fence slats, causing damage overtime. These vertical slats are held together by multiple rear-facing and chamfered horizontal rails, giving them an aesthetically pleasing design from the front, whilst offering an extremely strong design.


The overlapping featheredge boards on the closeboard panel, block all visibility into a garden. This increases privacy and security to any property.

Classic Style

It’s classic design complements a variety of garden styles. Making it the most popular choice of timber fence panels.

Our Premium Closeboard Panels are available in sizes: 915mm – 1830mm high and 1830mm wide. You can buy as individual panels or alternatively in palletised packs of 20.

Check out how our panel making machine works here..

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