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Making A Raised Garden Bed

Making A Raised Garden Bed

Making A Raised Garden Bed

April 29, 2018

Raised beds are a fantastic way of introducing a wide range of plants into your garden and growing a variety of fruit and vegetables. 

They are also a good way of boosting drainage and you can include a different soil type to your garden.

What timber do I use?

Our pressure treated Sleepers are ideal for setting the boundary for your raised bed.  Available in 2.4m and 2.6m lengths.

Four Seasons’ Sleepers are supplied as pressure treated with a light green preservative to enhance the decorative style and protect the timber.

You can grow almost any plants in your raised beds.  Why not try strawberries, currants, raspberries and blackberries for fruits.  Most vegetables and herbs can be grown in raised beds.

Why not try adding a combination of trellis or lattice to your raised bed for interest.

Suggested materials for making your raised bed…

Spirit Level

Step-by-Step on how to build your raised garden bed

Step 1.  Firstly, you need measure out the size of your raised bed and then remove the top layer of grass.  Then rake and level the ground to ensure it’s flat.

Step 2.  Use stakes for each of the 4 corners of the raised bed and hammer them into the ground.  Check they are straight and the tops are level with each other with a spirit level.

Step 3.  Attach the Sleepers to the stakes using galvanised screws.

Step 4.  Fill your raised bed with compost that suits your chosen plants.  Then finally you can plant your fruits, vegetables or flowers to compliment your new raised garden bed.

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