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Small Garden Ideas

Small Garden Ideas

Small Garden Ideas

If you have a smaller garden, don’t let that put you off making the most of it.  With some smart planning you can transform your garden and create the illusion of more space.  Take a look at our ideas..


Building a decking area is a popular option for smaller gardens.  It provides a base area for dining or relaxing.  Laying your deck boards lengthways will elongate your area which will enhance your overall space.


A clever way to divide up your outdoor space is by creating sections with screening.  Trellis and Lattice is ideal for dividing your garden into areas.  It can also help hide unsightly items in your garden.


Adding different heights can increase the space of your garden by planting in taller planters or adding climbing plants to trellis.  This adds interest to your garden without taking up floor space.

Compact Furniture

Our Patio Dining Set optimises your garden space by storing the benches neatly underneath the table.  Perfect space saving for when not in use.

Our Carver Chairs and Conversation Table are ideal for a small bistro set for relaxing rather than dining (sold separately).

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