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Our guide to sustainable gardening

Our guide to sustainable gardening

Growing a sustainable garden is key for a long lasting garden as well as reducing our waste by using more natural resources and processes.

How to bring sustainability for a greener garden

Conserve water resources

Try collecting rainwater in a water butt to minimise water usage.  Not only is it beneficial to the planet, it will also reduce your water bill!

Create your own compost

If you have the space, dedicate a small area of the garden to a compost heap.  A great way to recycle food and other organic waste into healthy fertiliser for your soil.

Use recycled materials for seedlings

Be creative by reusing cardboard egg boxes, toilet/kitchen roll tubes and turn them into seedling pots.  If you have any plastic posts and trays re-use them for a long as possible.

Encourage local wildlife to visit your garden

Leave areas of your garden for hedgehogs to create a habitat, leave the grass unmown, build log piles, create bug hotels, provide food and water for birds.  Fill your garden with plants ideal for attracting bees and butterflies.

Grow your own food

Growing your own food is a great way to get the family involved in gardening and learning the importance of going green.  The children can help by growing easy to plant seeds such as; peas, peppers and tomatoes.  

Look for sustainable garden furniture

When buying new wooden garden furniture, look out for the FSC, Forestry Stewardship Council Certification.  At Four Seasons Fencing, where possible we try to source all of our garden furniture from within the UK under certified forestry control, FSC.

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