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Our Electric Fencing Range

Our Electric Fencing Range

Our Electric Fencing Range

May 7, 2017

Electric fencing is a very popular choice for safe guarding your animals and keeping wilds animals at bay!

We stock a wide range of Electric Fencing for various animals such as; horses, sheep, goats, pigs, wild boar, deer, cows, steers, bulls, rabbits, poultry, cats and dogs.


What are the benefits to using Electric Fencing…

Cost EffectiveElectric fencing is a cheaper option to safe guard your animals.

EasyElectric fence systems are quick and easy to install, saving you time and labour compared to other fencing types.

FlexibleElectric fencing is suitable in most environments and can easily be applied in all types of soil.

How does an Electric Fence system work?

Electric Energizer

  • An electric fence system is centred around a suitable energizer.
  • The energizer sends out power impulses.
  • This power impulses get transferred by the fences material throughout the entire fence.
  • When an animal comes into contact with the fence, the power is sent through the animals body and into the ground.  This power sends short harmless electrical shocks through the animal.
  • Once the power is in the ground it is sent over the earth stakes, the power transports back to the energizer.
  • The power shocks train the animals to not to pass the barrier of the fence.
  • The animals then acknowledge the fence as a boundary.
  • The energizer sends power out – duration and strength of power causes short safe shocks – called impulses.

– Impulse duration can be between 0.1 and 0.3 thousandth of a second
– Impulse distance can be between 1 to 1.4 seconds
– Power at the fence is measured in voltage – voltage is needed to overcome animal’s skin


Image above features;

  1. Electric Fence Energizer
  2. Solar Solution
  3. Energy
  4. Connection Material
  5. Earthing and Accessories
  6. Testers
  7. Conductive Material
  8. Connecting and Tightening
  9. Insulators
  10. Gate Handles and Sets
  11. Reels
  12. Posts

Choosing the right energizer purely depends on the fence length, vegetation growth and type of animal.  Here is a selection of our energisers…


Image above features from left to right; equiSTOP B1, Farmer Energizer N15, Farmer Energizer N25, Hobbygard B, Trapper Dual AN8, Trapper Dual AN12, Trapper Dual AN24.

Fence Material

The fence lines transport the power along the fence.  When a fence has more than one fence line, connectors and connection material are needed.


Image above features from left to right; Polyrope Connector, Tape Connector.

Insulators, Posts and Gate Handles

Insulators, plastic posts and gate handles are used to prevent loss of any electricity, keeping the fence material in place.


Image above features from left to right; Insulator FARMER IS-S, Corner Knob, Gate Handle FARMER G Black, Gate Handle FARMER G Yellow, Gate Handle Insulator, Insulator RANGER ISD, Insulator COMBI IS 40Plastic Posts.

Earth Stakes

It is essential to use long enough earth stakes that reach deeper ground providing good earthing for the energizer, so not to lose power.


Image above features from left to right; Earth Stake, Underground Cable.

Tapes and Ropes


Image above features from left to right; Polyrope FARMER R6, Polyrope Green Power R6, Polytape FARMER T10-W, Polytape RANGER T20-W, Polytape RANGER T40-W, Polytape FARMER T20-W, Stranded Steel Wire.

Fence accessories


Image above features from left to right; Fence Tester, On / Off Switch, Wire Tape Heart Connector.

Fencing Kits


Image above features from left to right; Horsegard Fencing Kit, Electrified Poultry Netting Kit.

Reliable and Tested

All our Electric Fencing equipment is endurance tested for at least 24 hours before being dispatched.  Products and safety you can rely on.

You can view our Electric Fencing range here…

There is a vast collection of Electric Fencing products to choose from and we couldn’t possibly hold all of the items in stock.  So, if there is a particular product you haven’t seen on our website or in our shop then please speak with a member of our team and we will do our best to source the products you require.

If you require any further information then please do not hesitate to contact the office on 01233 820240.

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