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Our In-House Chestnut Pointing & Peeling Processing Machinery

Our In-House Chestnut Pointing & Peeling Processing Machinery

At FSF Fencing, we can now process a large quantity of chestnut posts through our modern in-house pointing and peeling processing machinery!

We source blank materials from locally coppiced woodlands and through our modern processing equipment we produce a finish product, whether that be cleft chestnut morticed posts with ended rails or peeled and pointed posts ready for stock fencing.

We process a large quantity of sweet chestnut post and rail through our in-house processing facility. Posts come in 2 metre lengths, morticed for 2 or 3 rail options and come as end posts, corner posts or intermediates.

If you don’t see what you require on our website, please contact our office on 01233 820240 and speak to one of our helpful staff.

Sourced locally and cut from managed rotational woodland our stakes are the most environmentally friendly product on the market.

Chestnut posts are suitable for a number of applications such as permanent stock fencing, supporting chestnut paling, rabbit fencing, deer fencing and generally in any situation involving ground contact.

Sweet chestnut timber is often viewed as an alternative to oak and although it is a lighter specie, it is stable, hard wearing and straight grained which allows the wood to be easily split.

Sweet chestnut has a very low sapwood content, a very high heartwood content and has high tannin levels (tannin is a natural preservative) and consequently requires no timber preservative treatment.

Our collection of chestnut fencing includes Chestnut Paling, Chestnut Posts, and Cleft Chestnut Posts and Rails, all held to exceptional standards. Crafted from the finest quality materials and meticulously finished, our Chestnut Fencing guarantees a superior end product.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, our chestnut fencing boasts remarkable durability, ideal for enduring privacy solutions. A timeless option, chestnut fencing utilises indigenous UK wood, delivering strength and charm that matures into an appealing neutral hue over time. Posts, available in 2.0m lengths, can be morticed for 2 or 3 rails and our 2.9m tapered rails fit seamlessly into the mortices whilst being cleaved along the natural grain to repel water.

If you would like to place an order outside our local delivery, area please either complete an online order and we will come back to you with a delivery cost or alternatively please contact us on 01233 820240 and talk to one of our helpful staff.

Delivery can be made UK wide and depending on quantity can be via pallets on couriers or our own in-house transport.

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