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DuraPost® In-Fill Panels for Aluminium Gate

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Enhance your aluminium gate with the Fencemate DuraPost® In-Fill Panels. Supplied in sets of 10, these panels are design to offer both aesthetic appeal and long-lasting durability . These composite panels are the perfect solution for adding a stylish and seamless finish to your existing gate or to install as part of the DuraPost Aluminium Gate system, ensuring that it not only looks great but also performs exceptionally well over time.

Made from high-quality PVCu and fully UV stabilised, these panels are designed to withstand the elements without fading or deteriorating. Available in three attractive colours – Anthracite Grey RAL 7016, Olive Grey RAL 7002, and Sepia Brown RAL 8014 – these in-fill panels complement the entire DuraPost product range, providing a cohesive and elegant look to your fencing system. The panels are extruded with a full-through colour, ensuring that any scratches or damage remain inconspicuous and do not affect the overall appearance. Designed for ease of installation and maintenance-free performance, these panels are ideal for homeowners seeking a reliable and stylish gate solution. The Fencemate DuraPost® In-Fill Panels are not only compatible with the DuraPost fencing system but can also be used with other standard fencing systems, making them a versatile and practical choice for enhancing the look and functionality of your gate.

Please Note: This product is solely the infill panels – to install the complete gate system you will also require the DuraPost Gate Frame and Hardware Kit.

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The Fencemate DuraPost® In-Fill Panels are crafted from high-quality composite materials, making them a reliable and aesthetically pleasing addition to your gate. The panels have the same profile as the DuraPost composite gravelboard, ensuring a consistent and cohesive look across your fencing system.

What’s Included
The package includes:

10 x Composite Infill board
These panels are extruded from PVCu and are fully UV stabilised to BS EN ISO 21306-1:2019 standards. This UV stabilisation ensures that the panels remain resistant to fading and degradation from sunlight exposure. The material is also extruded with full-through colour, meaning that any damage or scratches will be less visible and will not compromise the integrity or appearance of the panels.

Color Options
The in-fill panels are available in three stylish colours designed to complement the DuraPost product range:

  • Anthracite Grey RAL 7016
  • Olive Grey RAL 7002
  • Sepia Brown RAL 8014

These color options allow you to match the panels perfectly with your existing fencing and gate system, creating a unified and sophisticated look.

Durability and Maintenance
One of the key benefits of these composite in-fill panels is their maintenance-free nature. Unlike traditional materials that may require regular painting, staining, or treatment, these panels are designed to retain their appearance with minimal upkeep. Over time, you might notice a slight loss of shine, but this will not affect the structural integrity or overall look of the panels.

Integration and Compatibility
The Fencemate DuraPost® In-Fill Panels are specifically designed to work seamlessly with the DuraPost® fencing system, but they can also be used with other standard fencing systems. This versatility makes them an ideal choice for various applications, ensuring that your gate not only looks great but also functions effectively.

The Fencemate DuraPost® brand is synonymous with quality and innovation in fencing solutions. These in-fill panels reflect the brand’s commitment to providing products that are not only durable and practical but also visually appealing. Whether you are upgrading your current gate or installing a new one, these composite panels offer an excellent way to enhance both form and function.

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In-Fill Panels for Aluminium Gate – Anthracite Grey, In-Fill Panels for Aluminium Gate – Olive Grey, In-Fill Panels for Aluminium Gate – Sepia Brown


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