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Ashcombe Gate Spring Bolt


A seven bar gate 1140mm high.

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A seven bar gate 1140mm high.

Complete with box section braces welded into gate.

Box hang stile, spring bolt and sleeved 3/4″ eyes

Hang Stile 50 x 50 RHS
Slam Stile 50 x 25 RHS
Top & Bottom 42.6 OD x 1.5 tube
Intermediates 28 OD x 1.2 tube

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915mm x 1140mm, 1220mm x 1140mm, 1525mm x 1140mm, 1830mm x 1140mm, 2135mm x 1140mm, 2440mm x 1140mm, 2745mm x 1140mm, 3050mm x 1140mm, 3355mm x 1140mm, 3660mm x 1140mm, 3965mm x 1140mm, 4270mm x 1140mm, 4575mm x 1140mm, 4880mm x 1140mm, Pair of gates c/w drop bolt & drop over – 3050mm


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