Grove Ferry Level Crossing – Grove Ferry, Canterbury

//Grove Ferry Level Crossing – Grove Ferry, Canterbury
Grove Ferry Level Crossing – Grove Ferry, Canterbury 2020-08-19T22:40:21+00:00

Project Description

Client: Keltbray Rail
Project: Supplying and Installing Weldmesh Fencing and Gates.
Location: Grove Ferry Level Crossing – Grove Ferry, Canterbury
Duration: 12/08/20 – 19/08/2020

We were appointed by Keltbray Rail to supply and install 161m of 1.8m high chain link fencing as per the specification provided below in replacement of existing 1400mm high chain link plus 3No. strands of barbed wire and 9No. Line wire fencing.

The fence will run from the commencement of the footpath at the level crossing, following the footpath up the embankment to the neighbouring farmers field before turning 90 degrees and following the hedge line. This section of fencing will require the rabbit netting to be separated from the Network Rail fence line and re-attached on timber stakes. The fence line will follow the field line before returning down a steep embankment towards the trackside and finishing at a possible culvert (unable to see at present due to vegetation).

All posts to be set into suitable sized concrete foundations at a maximum of 3.0m centres. Straining posts to be set at a maximum of 75m apart with struts positioned to accommodate the direction of travel. Separate price provided for the removal and disposal of the existing fencing based on existing concrete posts to be cut off below ground level, all fencing components to be removed from site for disposal and any cut vegetation to be left neatly inside NR boundary.

The project did throw up some health and safety issues, we had to overcome with working at height on the top of steep railway embankment, so the need to install a safe system of work using trained rope access operative, along with water crossing hazard on the Network Rail boundary.

The project did through up access issues too and from the Network Rail fencing, but with thanks to a local farmer we were able to gain access cross fields greatly reducing the risk of access from the track side.

The client was very happy with safe and timed installation date. Feedback from the end client has been very positive and was well received.

Products installed

1.8m Chainlink Fencing


Straining Posts                    60mm x 60mm x 2500mm SHS

Struts                                       40mm x 40mm x 2100mm SHS

Intermediate Posts           50mm x 50mm x 2400mm SHS

Posts Spacing’s                   Maximum 3.0m Centres

Strainer Spacing’s             Maximum 75m

Foundations                         Suitable sized concrete foundations to all posts

Chainlink                               40mm x 40mm x 3mm x 1800mm High tensile Chain link

Supporting Wires              3no. 3.15mm high Tensile Line Wire

Finish                                      All components to be of a Galvanised Finish

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