Profiled Weldmesh Fence P200

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Profiled Security Weldmesh Fence P200

Our Profiled Weldmesh P200 system is the next step up in terms of security from the P100 system. Panels are secured to the posts by using a full length clamp bar and the post centres are reduced from 3.03 metres to 2.52 metres. The panels are aesthetically pleasing to the eye with high through-visibility and the system is particularly suitable for use as a medium level security fence.

Our P200 is recommended for surrounding perimeters of public buildings, factories, workshops, schools, parks, playgrounds, sportstadia, airports and military sites.


Product Specifications

  • Fence Panel Width 2500mm
  • Fence Panel Heights Available 1800, 2000, 2400 & 3000mm
  • Panels Secured with a Full Length Clamp Bar & M8 x 100 Bolts with Security Nuts
  • Mesh Pattern 200 x 55mm
  • Horizontal Wires 5mm dia. at 200mm centres
  • Vertical Wires 5mm dia. at 55mm centres
  • All panels have a 30mm barbed top edge
  • Post Centres 2.510m

Finish: Panels and posts having been submitted to a number of pre-coat processes, are galvanised to BS EN ISO and Polyester Powder Coated to BS EN 13438. All fixings are fully galvanised.

Other Mesh Fencing Solutions

  • Profiled Weldmesh Fence P100
    Our P100 is a cost effective fencing system highly recommended for public buildings, factories, workshops and schools.
  • Profiled Weldmesh Fence P200
    Our P200 is an upgrade from our P100 system. Panels are fixed to the posts with a full length clamp bar and post centres are reduced from 3.03 metres to 2.52 metres.
  • Privacy Weldmesh Fence P200
    Based on the P200 system but includes timber slats to provide privacy.
  • Safetop or Rolltop Weldmesh Panel System
    A rigid panel system designed with safety foremost in mind and specifically for school and nursery environments or public areas.
  • Varimesh
    An attractive and high performing security fence due to its unique appearance and innovative design.
  • Twinwire Weldmesh 656
    Our Twinwire Flat Security Mesh Fence P656 is a flat mesh panel system that is stronger than our P100 / 200 range and suitable for a range of different applications.
  • Twinwire Flat Security Weldmesh Fence P868
    Our 868 Twinwire Flat Security Weldmesh Fence is of the same design as our 656 system but is a step-up in both strength and security.
  • Spectator Rail
    Our Spectator Rail is a perfect side boundary for sports arenas such as field hockey, and comprises a tubular handrail system with twinwire mesh panel infill.
  • Sports Rebound Weldmesh Fence
    Our Sports Rebound Mesh is recommended to protect all types of sports and playground areas helping the ball to rebound back into the play area.
  • Prison Weldmesh 358
    Our P358 is highly recommended for schools, industrial sites, warehouses, vulnerable industries, high risk areas and prisons.

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